Police investigation

Police investigate four baby deaths at South Korea hospital

The babies all went into cardiac arrest while lying in incubators at Seoul's Ewha Womans University Medical Centre.

Staff performed CPR but efforts to revive the babies were unsuccessful, a hospital official said.

Family members told local media they were concerned about the health of the infants before they died on Saturday.

They said the babies all had bloated stomachs and difficulty breathing. Hospital staff say they do not know what caused the cardiac arrests but told police they did "not seem to have originated from a contagious cause."

Court: Police must conduct record interview

If the record of interview is not done by police and no files served before March 29, the Waigani Committal Court will strike out the case.

This was the direction of Magistrate Mekeo Gauli on Wednesday when the case of Alex Una returned before him for mention.

Alex Una, 38-years-old, from Gogoi village, Rigo, Central Province first appeared in court on December 7, 2016.  He was formally charged on Dec 1, 2016, with armed robbery.

Three months and one week later, the record of interview is still yet to be conducted by police.

Police investigation not business of court

He said the court should not go into the investigation processes of the police when addressing counsels in court on Monday over the case involving Jiwaka businessman Justin Parker.

He made these comments because of an order that was earlier issued by another court for police to conduct DNA tests on a primary evidence material that will be used in the trial.

Students directed to cooperate with police

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar today issued directions to Brendan Kisa, Elizah Nere, Divina Marus and Frank Luwai to present themselves to the police investigator handling their case and undergo their respective record of interviews.

They were charged on June 27 for the unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

The records of interviews of the accused remain outstanding and are needed by the investigation officer to compile his reports which are the Hand-up brief to the court.

Police still investigating condom swallowing incident

The accuseds Joshua Yawijah (22) of Maia village, Pangia, Southern Highlands Province and female probationary officer, 23-year-old Jacklyn Tanda of Sakarip village,Wabag, Enga Province both returned to court this morning.

They briefly appeared before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar and their case was adjourned to next month to give police time to investigate more.

They were charged for one count of deprivation of personal liberty, two counts of forcing someone to do indecent acts and one count of abuse of office.

Central police investigate school yard rape

A three member team first visited the school on June 18 where they were given names of student suspects in the incident that was caught on mobile phone video and posted on Facebook almost a month later.

Madang riots still being investigated

The protest march went awfully wrong and saw a life lost and properties worth thousands of kina damaged.

Police said their investigation is continuing including the investigation of the death of a primary school student.

Police say they are waiting for outside investigators to conduct an independent investigation to verify if the death of the student was caused by the police or outsiders.

It was alleged that a student was shot by police when they were trying to disperse the crowd.