Police conference

Police Commissioner's conference underway in Kimbe

Senior officers from the 22 Provinces arrived in Kimbe on Saturday and were welcomed by local dancers at the Hoskins airport

The conference will be officially open by Governor Sasindran Muthuvel at the Genesis Hotel after the opening march followed by a parade which will be reviewed by the Police Commissioner Gary Baki.

The priority agenda to be discuss is the preparations and Security Operations for APEC and the National Elections.

Jiwaka sends 57 policewomen to Lae Conference

Despite being a new province the JPG has recognised the importance of Community Policing  and came to the aid of the policewomen who are representing the province at the conference.

The Jiwaka Provincial Women’s representative and former Sargent Maria Kele and head of the Provincial Social Services Stefan Wusik represented JPG and accompanied the policewomen from the province to Lae.

Pacific police gather for crime conference

Police representatives from across the region are attending the three-day gathering.

The Samoa Police Commissioner, Egon Keil, says the conference will allow police to share experiences and concerns.

"We're going to be going through some very, very intense training and some experiences sharing so we can focus on the regional issues. Because if it's happening in Samoa, we'd like to know what Fiji is doing about it, what New Zealand is doing about it, what Australia is doing about it, so we can combat it here in Samoa."