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Policeman charged with sexual penetration of a child


A Port Moresby based policeman has been charged with sexual penetration of a minor.

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Condom Case: Victim’s statement vital for case

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut tells Loop PNG that the primary evidence in the form of the victim’s statement in any police case is a must if the case is to be air tight in a court of law.

He says that police cannot act on the video evidence alone unless they have a positive identification on the officers as well as a statement about what was carried out in the form of the statement of the victim.

Women groups plan nationwide protest over police brutality

The video which made the local and international news is being condemned in the strongest terms by women from all walks of life around the country.

Well known business woman Sarah Todd on behalf of founders and members of the Women Arise Group said police brutality had worsened and the country was losing its grip on how to deal quickly and transparently with such police brutality.

"We will no longer tolerate such abuse and the government and police commissioner must be held accountable for the actions of these state officers.

Condom Saga: Relatives reach out

PNG Loop was told by NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut that his officers are on standby to assist them.

This was prompted by an interview ran by Loop PNG featuring  Police Commissioner Gari Baki recently calling on relatives to step forward and encourage the woman to seek help from police.

Meanwhile, Kalaut this morning confirmed that the main suspect into the abuse has been identified with the venue of the incident confirmed to be an interview room at the Boroko station.

Police boss calls for public help

Police Commissioner Gari Baki informed PNG Loop that he is serious in tackling the issue of police brutality but cannot do so if people are not willing to step up and report that matters when they arise.

Baki outlined that the police brutality issue is now becoming a norm in PNG, which should not be the case.

Even people are thinking that police have the right to do it which is wrong, with Baki stressing that everyone  including police are subject to the laws of the country.

Condom saga story takes new twist

PNG Loop spoke with the Commissioner after our newsroom made contact with a relative of the woman in the video who says that the woman is too scared to approach the police with regards to her case.

The relative says that their immediate concern is to deal with the health issues arising from the girl allegedly swallowing the condoms as well as the alleged sexual and physical abuse that took place during the incident.

When approached by PNG Loop, Baki confirmed that he has viewed the video and is disappointed and disgusted as he did not expect policemen to do such things.

Baki apologises, asks for help

Baki apologised for what happened in the video to the woman, who he says was in a situation where she was clearly under duress and was expected to carry out this disturbing act.

He adds that policemen are not supposed to do this and called on the woman to help him make an example out of this case.

Baki says that after talking about discipline for police personnel, this type of incident does not help him trying to portray and rebuild a good image for the Constabulary.

Condom saga video to be reviewed

Kalaut informed PNG Loop that the video will be reviewed with police who will be working  to identifying the policemen in the video.

He would not comment on word that the station and policemen have been identified but stressed that this video is a “slap in the face” for all those personnel who actually serve and protect people.

An infuriated Kalaut says these policemen once identified will be dealt with, adding that he will be looking into the matter.

HB shooting update: Investigators move into village

Acting Director of Crimes Moses Ibsagi tells PNG Loop that he and his team went into the village on Saturday in light of the bullet casing shells that were handed to them by a villager.

He says that they managed to talk with the female villager who handed over the evidence and to speak with the youth who initially picked up the evidence.

Director Ibsagi says that while they were supposed to go back yesterday (Monday 26th October) the men were pulled out to provide support to handling  the tensions at Unagi Oval and the public protests.

3 alleged Tatana shooting cops in court

Ian Gunawi of East Sepik Province, Philip Pokop of Manus and Lawrence Sausau (officials did not disclose his address) all appeared in person before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli this morning.

Gunawi on September 10 appeared before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar however his case has since been transferred to Magistrate Gauli’s court.

All three and a woman were arrested and charged for the unlawful and wilful murder of Naime at Tatana village on January 17 this year.