Komo soldiers charged for mutiny

They were formally charged at 4pm on Dec 31, almost three days after they were disarmed and brought into Port Moresby after two of their co mrades were killed on Tueday Dec 22, in Komo.

They were charged under section 55 of the PNG Defence Force Act for mutiny. Mutiny is an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers.

​ Defence still waiting on police over shooting

This is about the joint investigation into the fatal police killing of 25 year old Nelson Rema and  the apparent wounding of one of their soldiers who was involved in the incident.

PNGDF Chief of Staff, Colonel Mark Goina, would not comment on the issue further,  only adding that his  officers are waiting on the police to set up the meeting.

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PNGDF investigators waiting on police

The PNGDF Command says that their investigation terms of reference are set down and the team to probe major cases are ready.


People living with disability prone to sexual abuse

Soldiers and cops clean up Mount Hagen

In total 99 personnel took part in the cleanup exercise that was aimed to give back to the community, after the forces had been living in the community for the past 6 months.

The soldiers were sent there to look after the road from Lae to Koroba Kopiago along the Highlands Highway.

At about 5:30am, 49 soldiers along with 50 police officers cleaned up from the Tarangau estate where the military base was located through to the Hagen main market and Hagen CBD.

Commander predicts bright new year for troops

PNGDF Commander Gilbert Toropo in his address during the Commanders End of Year parade highlighted this.

Toropo spoke about Force growth through concurrent recruitment as well as the establishment of the ceremonial guard and implementation of the company of excellence initiative.

 He says the ceremonial guard assisted in the Pacific Games and 40th Independence ceremony. The company of excellence was good at promoting the companies in the first and second battalions.

Manu Update: Police on alert despite assurance from bosses

NCD Metro Command Officer, Ben Isakuma says city police have resumed normal duties while the top echelon of the two Forces work through details of an investigation and possible arrests.

Police are on the lookout for opportunists also.

A statement from the Defence Force is expected today.


Picture shows deserted Borok after the fights yesterday.

PNG DF challenged to provide assistance during disaster events

He says the growing capacity of our Defence force is going to be even more important in the years ahead as challenges around the world increase.

“Our Disciplined Forces are also increasingly required to work as part of a whole-of-government effort,” he says.

O’Neill says that meeting some of the challenges in the years ahead including disasters will occur more than ever before due to climate change.

“We can expect more floods, more cyclones and more droughts to affect our country into the future.

Army cadets graduate at Igam: 27 men and one woman

Officer Cadet 813604  Katega Georgina from New Ireland Province was the only female alongside  the 27 male cadets who completed a tough two years of officer cadet training.

A slight shower in the morning and the cool breezes from Busu River brushed away the clouds to make it a fitting day for the passouts.

The parade was reviewed by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and hosted by Commander Gilbert Toropo,  attended by Defence Minister Dr Fabian Fok, CIS Commissioner and Momase police chief Nema Mondiai,  among others.

Online response to Jeremiah Yinu overwhelming

Many of our readers have commented with sadness over the lost life of a young man

A reader, Yvonne Sele, commented under the link of an update over the arrests that she hoped justice would prevail for the young life gone too soon.

Other readers also expressed anger at the actions of a few soldiers who tarnished the reputation of the PNGDF. Gus Manh said that the culprits should be brought to justice, adding that there were many good soldiers and the actions of the wrongdoers tarnished the others’ reputations.

Women in the army

This was the rationale given as to why the training batch has been broken into two batches, one with the full male recruits while the other one is with a mixture of male and female trainees.

PNGDF Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo tells PNG Loop that the next batch of soldiers that will go into the  Goldie training will consist of females as well.

However he would not confirm just how many would be among the recruits group that would be taking up the training.