PNGDF Manam eruption update

In a press briefing today, PNGDF and National Disaster officials gave media an update of the logistics currently on ground in the disaster area.

The PNGDF Commander, Gilbert Toropo, verified that the PNGDF has been on ground since the initial deployment team was sent in on Sunday after the eruption.

As of today, twenty six troops with a medical and communications team have been deployed from Lae with a naval ship currently in Madang to assist with the ferrying of relief supplies by authorities.

Troops showcase maritime capabilities

This year, the training has been modified to take into account the main leader’s week this November for APEC 2018.

Involving six vessels and various small crafts, this morning’s showcase was to highlight maritime capabilities harnessed during Exercise Paradise.

Chief of Force Preparations, Colonel Siale Diro says that the operations were in line with the supporting security role that the defense will play alongside the police for APEC.

Troops ready for Commanders certification

The troops have all conducted their mission rehearsal exercises and are due to carry out the CDF certification drills over the next week.

Commanding officer for Mero Group, Lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma says that this exercises are the next stage in troop alignment to the APEC security preparations.

Lieutenant Colonel Aruma says that the troops will all be here to prep ahead of the major APEC deployment in November.

Battalion holds fitness assessment march

The battalion marched a combined 27 km along the Magi highway towards their battalion headquarters at Taurauma.

The March was a culmination of their Mission Rehearsal exercise as part of their APEC 2018 security preparations.

According to the Battalion Commander, Lt Colonel Boniface Aruma, the march is part and parcel of any training ahead of major troop operations.

He said that as part of the fitness assessment activity each soldier is required to complete a 27km march with a 30kg pack in full field gear.

Defense personnel warned

The Chief of Joint Operations, Colonel Ezekia Wenzel says that the directive was issued today by the PNGDF Commander to ensure that the troops are reminded of their core functions while out on duty.

Colonel Wenzel says that the troops on call out are there under specific orders which do not include escort services.

He warns that given this directive, any troops found to be carrying out escort parties for civilians will be dealt with accordingly.

The Colonel adds that this directive is in place to ensure the army’s impartially while out on duty or operations.

Delta Company to be deployed to Hela

The Delta Company of the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment are on standby to be sent over to the province.

According to the Chief of Joint Operations, Colonel Ezekia Wenzel, the thirty plus troops will be sent over to relieve the current Alpha Company that has been on duty there for the past four months.

Colonel Wenzel says that the troops have been tasked to reinforce exiting security on ground while at the same time maintain a presence on ground.

Security exercise progressing for PNGDF

Colonel Opa Lari, Deputy Commander of the Joint Security Task Force, says all the agencies are at the end of the planning stage and are now into preparatory stages.

The Col explained that the exercise rehearsals will see them trial out their main operational plans, adding that the defence force will be providing capabilities that are not vested with the police.

Queen’s bday sports tournament opened

The Queen’s Birthday friendly games, which will end on Monday, boasts the theme: “Promote mass participation for unity and pride as wives of the disciplinary forces”.

Whilst commending the women behind this inaugural event, the Commanding Officer for the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment (1RPIR), Lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma, said the women have set a benchmark for the men.

Aruma said the PNGDF men have tried to initiate a get-together with their counterparts from the Royal PNG Constabulary and Correctional Services, but have continuously failed.

PNGDF to deal with disciplinary issues

With the recent dismissal of the soldier involved in the attack of an ENT doctor, PNGDF Chief of Staff Philip Polewara says action has been taken to rectify the wrongdoing.

Polewara says a statement will be released soon with regards to other outstanding disciplinary action on serving members who have been found to be guilty of misconduct.

ADF and PNGDF Air elements begin talks

The talks are a lead up to the Defense Corporation talks this Wednesday.

The Joint Operations Commander, Colonel Siale Diro outlined that the talks will be focused on the basics of the PNGDF and ADF corporative programs.

Tuesday will be Army to Army Talks, while the main component of the talks will be this Wednesday.

The Defense Corporation talks are symbolic of joint liaison between the two forces in terms of training and logistical support.