PNGDF relocation

Duma declines to clarify his removal

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in a media conference on Monday announced that the Minister for Defence Fabian Pok and Minister Duma had stepped aside from their ministerial responsibilities pending the conclusion and outcomes of a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the purchase of Manumanu land to relocate the PNGDF establishments in Port Moresby to Central Province.

Duma told Loop PNG that the Prime Minister had already released the information and will wait for the completion of the COI.

COI must investigate all dealings: Kua

The PNG National Party parliamentarian leader made this comment following a decision by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for COI to investigate the land purchase to relocate the PNG Defence establishment out of Port Moresby.    

“The actual key to a successful COI is the scope of the TOR, which under the Act is prepared by the Prime Minister. Any limitation in the scope will instantly place restrictions on what is covered in the inquiry and the entire exercise will be farce,” Kua said.       

OC lacks capacity to fast track investigations: Polye

The Opposition last week gave documents of what it claimed was a fraudulent land purchase to OC to investigate Defence Minister Fabian Pok and State Owned Enterprise Minister William Duma.

Both Ministers voluntary stepped aside on Monday to allow for the Commission of Inquiry to conduct investigations into the land purchase for the relocation of PNGDF establishments out of Port Moresby.        

“I went and gave the Ombudsman the full documents, knowing well that the Ombudsman Commission does not have the full capacity, I did my job,” said the Opposition Leader.

COI a smokescreen says Polye

Polye questioned the integrity of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in a media conference today in Port Moresby.

He said, the PM must lead by example and also step aside from the allegations levelled against him which had seen the Ombudsman Commission referring him to appropriate authorities for investigations.

The Kandep MP and parliamentary leader of Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party said the decision by Defence Minister Fabian Pok and Minister for State Enterprises William Duma to step aside is to play public perceptions with elections in four months’ time.

PM will address fraud claims against ministers

The Parliament sitting for the last two weeks had seen questionable dealings of land payment by the Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) to relocate the PNG Defence Force institutions out of Port Moresby.       

O’Neill said KCH board and management had given him a detailed report on Thursday. 

He also summoned the Department of Defence and other State agencies for full detailed reports before he will make a decision.

“I have scheduled a press conference on Monday to announce what decisions the government will take,” O’Neill told Parliament on Friday.  

K80m diverted fraudulently in land purchase: Opposition

People Progress Party leader and Kavieng MP, Ben Micah, in Parliament during Question Time on Friday, asked Defence Minister Dr Fabian Pok to come clean on the dealings of his department.

However, the Minister was absent from Friday’s session, which led to the questions being directed to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Duma: I will not be cross examined in Parliament

In Question Time in Parliament, Sinesine-Yongomugl MP, Kerenga Kua directed his questions to Minister for Public Enterprise & State Investment William Duma.

Kua questions were as followed; 

Landowners of Manumanu will not be evicted: O’Neill

The private purchase of the land valued at K46.6 million by Kumul Consolidated Holdings behalf of the State on a the company in question with links to a senior cabinet minister had been the hot question in the second week of Parliament sitting.

O’Neill said he had received a detailed report of the acquisition and payment of the land to relocate PNGDF Naval base, Murray and Taurama Barracks out of Port Moresby, and will give a detailed report after going through the report.     

Land was acquired legally: Duma

Minister for Public Enterprise and  State Investment William Duma in a personal explanation to Parliament today said the allegation raised by his predecessor on the floor was not accurate. 

Duma said it was a National Executive Council decision dating back to 2012 to relocate PNGDF establishments out of Port Moresby.

PNGDF headquarters Murray Barracks, 1RIPR regiment base at Taurama and the Naval Base at Fairfax Harbour were to find a new home.   

Senior Minister in claims of K46.6 million land purchase, House told

“I have in my possession information, Mr Prime Minister which connects your Minister for State Enterprise (Minister Public Enterprise & State Investment), Hon William Duma, (and) Member for Hagen to the sale of K46.6 million of this land at Manumanu where it is 10km inland and I do not understand how you will build a wharf,” Peoples Progress Party leader Ben Micah told Parliament.