Kerowaii plans two PNG video shoots

He told Loop PNG the shoot will take place during his trip to PNG in the coming weeks.

“I'll be doing two music video shoots for my debut album Mango Tree, coming out in February 2017. “It will be more location shots of PNG scenery and the cultural landscape, places where I grew up,” he said.

The videos will be for songs Paper Face & Sweet Temptation, two of 12 songs on his album.

Tsunami warnings across Pacific lifted

The centre issued warnings for Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, New Caledonia, Tuvalu and Kosrae.

It said people near impacted coastal areas should stay alert and exercise normal caution near the sea.

American Samoa had issued a tsunami watch following the earthquake but that was later cancelled.

The quake, which hit just before 5am local time on Friday morning, was initially reported to be of magnitude 8 by the US Geological Service but was downgraded shortly afterwards.

SDG’s to improve on MDG’s shortfall

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) endorsed by the United Nations in September 2015 aim to improve on the shortfalls of the MDG’s.

The SDG’s are a new set of goals adopted by United Nation members to achieve over the next 15 years.

SDG’s Coordinator in the United Nations Development Program to PNG, Pio Smith, says while there have been many successes of the MDG’s, implemented from 2000 to 2015, it was also important to talk about the failures.

OPEC deal could benefit PNG oil

Oil prices immediately went up by 10 percent to around $50 per barrel following an agreement between member economies of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The agreement, signed in Vienna on November 2nd, will see output cut by around 1.2 million barrels of oil per day from January.

OPEC heavyweights, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, which are the group’s three largest producers, signed the agreement, effectively stopping market forces setting the price, which was agreed two years prior.

Cuba doctors to serve in districts: O’Neill

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement today in a press conference in Port Moresby after returning from the APEC Summit in Peru.

He clarified that the Cuban doctors will be based in rural districts in Papua New Guinea and serve the people like any other local doctors.

He further added that the Cuban doctors will be paid just like the local doctors

O’Neill said Papua New Guinea is in a position to learn from this experience and expertise, and to apply this to our core national policies of healthcare and education.

Government to fund pregnant mothers

O’Neill said the Government will be making this compulsory in the next parliament session in January 2017.

He said the Government will fund this initiative especially in rural areas.

He added that the health department will be advising the government on this imitative and will move to implement it.

“Our Government will fund mothers from villages to come and stay at urban areas to have their babies delivered and returned.

“This way, our infant mortality rate will drop,” he said.

Cuban doctors coming to work in PNG

The Prime Minister returned to Papua New Guinea as news was released of the passing of the Late former President, Fideo Castro.

During the visit, that took place during the Prime Minister’s return from the APEC Summit in Lima, PM O’Neill held substantive talks with Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, on a range of healthcare co-operation options.

While in Havana, he further engaged with Cuban pharmaceutical companies producing medication that is highly suited to the conditions and illnesses found in Papua New Guinea.

A voice to help Ostomates continues to call for help

An Ostomate is a person who has undergone a surgical procedure to create an opening in the body called a stoma, used to discharge waste. 

Janet Yaki, an Ostomate herself, registered the PNG Stoma Association in 2011 to be a voice and vehicle of Ostomates in the country.

Their theme this year is “Many stories, One Voice!”

But to this day, Yaki is the only Ostomate pushing the association forward.

“It is still very hard for Ostomates to find the courage to come out because of the stigma that surrounds them,” she said.

LOC condemns ‘ticket touters’

LOC Chief Executive Officer, Seamus Marten said match tickets are being sold at the four ticket outlets in Port Moresby and one outlet in Lae.

He said the LOC nor the ticket outlets are giving bulk tickets to people to sell outside of the official ticket outlets at their own mark-up prices.

Marten said ticket outlets have a limit to sell to individuals per purchase but there is no law in PNG preventing people from doing this.

“We can only encourage people to buy from the authorized outlets at face value,” said Marten.

Brazil coach overwhelmed with reception received from PNG

Speaking through a translator, Bueno made this comment at the post-match conference after losing to Japan 3-1 in the quarterfinal yesterday.     

He said the assistance and friendliness received by the coaching staffs and players will be treasured. 

Bueno added that he felt sad they will be leaving PNG soon.