Cuban doctors coming to work in PNG

The Prime Minister returned to Papua New Guinea as news was released of the passing of the Late former President, Fideo Castro.

During the visit, that took place during the Prime Minister’s return from the APEC Summit in Lima, PM O’Neill held substantive talks with Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, on a range of healthcare co-operation options.

While in Havana, he further engaged with Cuban pharmaceutical companies producing medication that is highly suited to the conditions and illnesses found in Papua New Guinea.

A voice to help Ostomates continues to call for help

An Ostomate is a person who has undergone a surgical procedure to create an opening in the body called a stoma, used to discharge waste. 

Janet Yaki, an Ostomate herself, registered the PNG Stoma Association in 2011 to be a voice and vehicle of Ostomates in the country.

Their theme this year is “Many stories, One Voice!”

But to this day, Yaki is the only Ostomate pushing the association forward.

“It is still very hard for Ostomates to find the courage to come out because of the stigma that surrounds them,” she said.

LOC condemns ‘ticket touters’

LOC Chief Executive Officer, Seamus Marten said match tickets are being sold at the four ticket outlets in Port Moresby and one outlet in Lae.

He said the LOC nor the ticket outlets are giving bulk tickets to people to sell outside of the official ticket outlets at their own mark-up prices.

Marten said ticket outlets have a limit to sell to individuals per purchase but there is no law in PNG preventing people from doing this.

“We can only encourage people to buy from the authorized outlets at face value,” said Marten.

Brazil coach overwhelmed with reception received from PNG

Speaking through a translator, Bueno made this comment at the post-match conference after losing to Japan 3-1 in the quarterfinal yesterday.     

He said the assistance and friendliness received by the coaching staffs and players will be treasured. 

Bueno added that he felt sad they will be leaving PNG soon. 

Brazil still improving, says Coach

The Brazilian ladies bowed out of the world cup yesterday after losing to Japan 3-1 in the quarterfinals played in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.    

Translated by a translator, Bueno said, heading into the match, they knew Japan would be a tough team to play as they play fast and are a defensive team.    

“They scored in the first end of first half, and in the second half we needed to score that is why we were open.”

Nicollete Ageva makes history to score PNG's first goal

PNG is currently behind Korea DRP 4-1 at halftime in the last round of Group A matches.

Ageva scored a memorable goal 12 minutes into the game to level the score 1-1.

Korea DPR was the first to score six minutes into the game through forward Un Sim Ri to open up the score board 1-0.

PNG bounced back to score its first goal in the tournament through Ageva.

Ageva made a clear shot sweeping the ball past the defenders' goal keeper straight through the net surprising many fans.

The crowds got onto their feet cheering the home team on.

PNG and South Korea match underway

Top team South Korea, in red   is led by captain Un Hwa Kim.

The PNG side in yellow is being led by captain Yvonne Gabong.

A crowd of 5,449 is out to support the home team.

Many fans on the stands have expressed support for the PNG side despite their two previous loses.

The Koreans will be hoping to score a big margin tonight but PNG is also out to put pressure and maintain their defense.

PNG takes on favourites South Korea in last round

PNG will take on favourites South Korea in the final match of Group A tonight (Sunday, November 20) at the National Football Stadium, Port Moresby.

The visitors have nothing to lose in Sunday’s game but PNG will be hoping to at least score a goal in the tournament on home soil.

Unbeaten North Korea is leading the group points ladder while PNG is yet to secure a win and put a mark on the score board.

In PNG’s previous encounters, the host nation was humiliated by Brazil in their first match 9-0 and defeated by Sweden 6-0 in the second match.

PNG loses its 2nd match to Sweden

 In the earlier pool match, Korea DPR defeated Brazil 4-2, to remain the unbeaten team in Group A.

Sweden striker Blackstenius bagged a double to make host, PNG, trail 2-0 at half-time, and added another double in the second half to increase her match tally.

Sweden substitute Johanna Kaneryd and Anne Anvegard also scored a goal each in the match.

The home girls failed to play basic soccer with many passes going astray, giving the visitors a stroll in the park in front of 9, 123 spectators.

Sweden leads PNG 2-0 at half time

With a capacity crowd cheering the host country, PNG, inaccurate passes by the girls in the first 45 minutes gifted Sweden with all the ball possession.

 Blackstenius scored on the 8th and 42nd minutes using her height and size to her advantage.

The PNG side was starved of ball possession and had themselves to blame with many poor plays in their own half.