Indian President pays respect to fallen Indian soldiers, places wreath

The President laid his wreath at the Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby.

It is also believed that about 426 Indian soldiers who were taken prisoner in Malaya and Hong Kong, and brought to New Guinea (then)  by the Japanese were buried at Lae War Cemetery.

Mukherjee arrived in Port Moresby this morning at around 11.40am and was welcomed at the airport by Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion and other government ministers.

All eyes on Aus and PNG govts after court ruling

Yesterday, PNG's Supreme Court ruled Australia's regional processing centre on PNG's Manus island was illegal because it amounted to holding people against their will.

A five-judge bench ordered the PNG and Australian governments to immediately take steps to end the detention of 850 asylum seekers and refugees in the centre.

However, in the wake of the ruling Australia's Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said detainees on Manus would not be brought back to Australia.

No quick fix for TB in PNG, says WHO

It said while there can be no quick fix, work was being done to try and control the problem.

Thousands at risk because of lingering effects of drought

It is unclear how many people have died, but a teacher in one village told the ABC five people, including children, lost their lives, and another said locals felt forgotten.

Since the middle of last year, PNG has been experiencing its most severe El Nino-induced drought since 1997-1998.

Rain in many parts of the country helped fill waterways and replenish some of the subsistence crops villagers rely on for food, but aid groups and researchers have said the rain also triggered a dangerous phase of the drought.

PNG students invited to compete for US scholarship

This is a competition for students all over the world including PNG and is an initiative of the United Nations (UN) and Seton Hall University in the United States.

Finalists with the best ideas will win cash prizes and partial scholarships to attend Seton Hall University, a private Catholic school in South Orange, New Jersey.

The cash prize assists with the launching of the idea or creating awareness about SDGs.

Australia signs new aid partnership with PNG

The partnership will look to advance PNG's social and economic development, and deliver vital infrastructure including roads to ensure services reach more people and improve access to markets.

Women's economic empowerment will be a key focus of the partnership which also aims to address PNG's chronic family and sexual violence issues, enabling more women to break the poverty cycle.

These were central to discussion at last week's 24th Australia-Papua New Guinea Ministerial Forum in Canberra.

PNG tops Pacific in internet cost

Solomon Islands has the second most expensive internet service in the Pacific region.

According to them, the last updated report on internet access affordability on Pacific Islands was three years ago.

“Technological progress in Internet access is slowly but surely being felt in the Pacific.”

It states that ADSL and/or fixed wireless broadband is available in all the countries they have included in their analysis including newcomer Nauru.

Australia boosting diplomatic presence in PNG

In a statement the Australian government says Lae, as PNG's commercial capital, is integral to Australia's US$13.7 billion investment in the country.

Australia also provides PNG with US$393 million dollars in annual aid support.

It said the consulate-general will boost Australia's presence and bolster the growing trade and investment relationship.

The announcement came during the annual Australia-PNG Ministerial Forum in Canberra.

Calls for PNG govt to borrow internationally

The leader of the opposition Don Polye said PNG should seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund following revenue shortfalls caused by the global collapse of oil and mineral prices.

Public servants in PNG have complained this month about not being paid wages and funds for basic services in the provinces appear to have dried up.

Economist Paul Flanagan said the IMF was a good source of cheap finance.

"The opposition is talking about maybe going to the IMF. The IMF is actually reasonably cheap finance to assist with these types of transitions.

Author laments ignorance about PNG in Australia

'The Embarrassed Colonialist' is a Lowy Institute Paper, published by Penguin Australia and written by Sean Dorney, who has been a leading figure in Pacific regional journalism for decades.

Mr Dorney said in many ways Australia seems to have forgotten that for a long time, PNG was its colony.

Since the book's recent publication, he heard an interesting aside from a member of the PNG Australia Association.