PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA)

Air Niugini partner to boost tourism

The organizations’ executives held a meeting on Monday March 27. Ideas, challenges and opportunities were shared between the two companies to encourage a more collaborative approach toward tourism development.

Air Niugini’ s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Gary Seddon, recognized the efforts across the industry, to restart tourism after years of uncertainty and restrictions.

‘Tourism officers’ put on notice

Provincial Program Advisor for Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Tali Yanga, is placing certain individuals on notice following the graduation and certification of hundreds of Lae residents, especially from Kamkumung, who took part in an ‘urban tour guide training’.

At least 200 people, most of whom are members of a particular church, recently graduated under this four-day training.

Yanga pointed out that the laminated certificates had the logos of certain government agencies printed on them without authorisation.

TPA aims to improve visitor services

TPA, in partnership with New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (NZTRI) of Auckland University, is being engaged by the International Finance Corporation to conduct the online survey.

In a media statement, TPA Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Agus, said the data gathered will help improve visitor services, inform marketing activities and increase investment in the tourism sector.

TPA to invest in infrastructure and products

This has been made possible through the increase in TPA’s public investment program budget, thanks to the National Government.

He says there is a lot of tourism potential out in the provinces and districts, which TPA has identified. However, the Authority needs to work closely with the provincial governments and the local communities to development these products to meet international standards.

Facebook a factor behind loss of culture: PNG TPA

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA), in its call to embrace our cultures, tagged modern influences, such as social media platforms, as a factor behind the loss.

“We are not only losing our languages here but we are treating the English language very poorly by inventing and using our own short forms of the English language,” says the Authority in a statement.

“Sadly, it clearly reflects on the poor quality output from our educational institutions.

Tourism needs leadership and foresight: PNG TPA

“People must fully embrace the importance of culture and tourism for tourism to flourish,” says the Authority in a statement.

“PNG is blessed with an abundance of natural wealth, gold, copper, oil, gas, fishing, timber, etc.

“However, the greatest gift the Good Lord has given to us is our culture and traditions. No one country in the world can beat us.

“In fact, the National Geographic has just named PNG as one of the top ‘cultural destinations’ in the world. This just confirms PNG as the ‘Cultural Capital of the World’.”