PNG Socialist Party

New party wants to form new government

Party leader and former secretary for Planning Dr Peter Kora told Loop PNG that the party policies are designed to benefit the people and the economy of this country.

Dr Kora said the party has been very vocal in selecting their candidates and is confident that all their candidates will make it through.

Berldon Timah nominates for Kainantu open

More than 10,000 people came in truckloads and buses to witness the occasion.

Timah is confident to win the seat currently held by Johnson Tuke.

“I want to change Kainantu and make it a role model in the country.

“My people have been neglected for the past years and now is the time to give them what they deserve.”

With a Masters degree in Business management, Timah said the people of Kainantu deserve better as they are the economic corridor to the other Highlands provinces.

He is contesting under the PNG Socialist Party.

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PNG Socialist Party wants people to vote prime minister

​Party founder and non-parliamentarian leader of PNG Socialist Party (PNGSP) wants the people to vote for the country’s Prime Minister.

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PNG Socialist Party wants people to vote prime minister

Former Planning Secretary Dr Peter Kora said the country needed a new governing approach to move the country forward.      

“Our party believes in 2022, the prime minister must be elected by eight million people of Papua New Guinea, which is fair,” Dr Kora said today.

He also said, there must be a two tier Parliament system to securitise policies and legislations before it gets passed.

Dr Kora also proposed to limit the terms Members of Parliament serve to only 15 years.