PNG Settlement Community People’s Foundation Inc

Prisoners tell of experiences behind bars

Twenty maximum high risk prisoners, 18 men and 2 females from Bomana Correctional Institute in conjunction with PNG Settlement Community People’s Foundation Inc gave their experiences and testimonies of what life was like behind bars and high fences.

The program kicked off last week at 9 mile, where under CS escort, the prisoners were allowed to step out to the public and speak about social issues affecting and happening every day in the communities.

High-risk prisoners to raise awareness in communities

A new partnership between the PNG Correctional Services and PNG Settlement Community People’s Foundation Inc allows for them to come out into the communities to raise awareness.

Given the theme, “Your freedom is important and there’s no freedom in prison”, prisoners have the opportunity to talk about common issues like violence but more importantly, about life in prison.

CS and PNG SCPF believe that high-risk prisoners talking directly with their peers in crime hotspots is another way to minimise law and order issues.