PNG Power Ltd

PPL condemns LOs’ actions

In a statement, PPL said Sirinumu landowners unlawfully trespassed all Rouna power stations and shut down their operations at 3.55am today.

Acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock, said demands made by the landowners are to the State and have no relation to PNG Power.

“Attempts made by senior management to calmly resolve the matter have been rejected by the landowners,” she said.

K50,000 for Okapa electrification project

Acting Managing Director, Carolyn Blacklock, received the payment from the Member for Okapa District, Saki Saloma.

This project will be achieved through the Electrification Partnership Project with PNG Power. Blacklock said more than 150,000 lives will benefit from this electrification project.

“Lots and lots of schools, churches and health clinics will benefit from power along the way,” she said.

PNG Power will run transmission lines as well as connecting distribution lines directly into people’s houses.

Young girl electrocuted

PNG Power Ltd said this location had experienced power outage last night due to a fallen tree onto a service pole.

“The PNG Power field team responded and disconnected supply to the area, then progressed onto other faults whilst waiting for the fallen tree to be cleared,” said PPL acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock.  

“Sometime during the night, it seemed that an unauthorised energizing of this connection had occurred, rendering the service pole dangerous.

POM still in the dark

Ensisi and Waigani are some of these areas that welcomed the New Year with a power outage which was restored in the early hours of January 2nd, then went out again in the evening and is yet to be restored on January 3rd.

In a statement on their Facebook page, PNG Power Ltd said with the bad weather conditions, they are unable to provide restoration times however, their teams are working in the affected areas to restore supply.

Arrested for power line damage

He has been charged under Section 49 of the Electricity Industry Act and in police custody.

On 29 June 2018, the offender allegedly chopped down a tree that fell onto another nearby tree and subsequently forced it to fall onto low voltage power lines supplying Massi and Kerefa villages, thus causing extensive damage to the 25 KVA power transformer located near Massi Lutheran Church.

The total damages valued up to K34,000.

Community removes illegal power connections

This is the first time a community has taken the step to remove illegal connections in their area. Most of the time, PNG Power engages police force during disconnection exercises in centres around the country.

This disconnection exercise began on 04 September 2018, and will continue into other neighbouring villages in the Gehemo Council Ward until all illegal connections are identified and removed.

Owers’ corner lit up by PPL

A K2.6 million project by the New Zealand government saw the launch of the power line extension project at Vesulogo village yesterday.

Construction started on the rural on grid extension project in April last year in the Koiari area.

The 22 kilovolts powerline extension covers 12.8km, connecting more than 200 homes.

An exercise that would have cost more than K1,000 per household to connect power; for those along the Bisiatabu to Owers’ Corner, the connection is free of charge.

Easipay system back online

The Easipay system was shut down on Saturday (June 30) in order for the prepayment system to be upgraded to a newer, improved version.  

In a statement, PPL said: “The shutdown enabled the PNG Power ICT and Customer Services teams to ensure data from the old version was merged into the new setup.

“As of 11am on Sunday, the PNG Power Customer Service offices nationwide were vending Easipay. The Vision City vending site in Port Moresby was the first to go online and vend.

Advise for Easipay customers

In a statement, PPL said: “PNG Power and Digicel PNG expect this to take two weeks and understand this will be an inconvenience for its Digicel customers.

“We urge Digicel customers to buy Easipay credits to last two weeks before Saturday 12 noon or to purchase Easipay credits through the vending sites or to use other mobile vending platforms.

PPL installs generator for Wabag

PNG Power acting Managing Director, Ms Carolyn Blacklock, and Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, commissioned the generator on 22 April 2018.

Customers in Wabag are connected to the Ramu Grid supplied by the Ramu Hydro power station at Yonki. When there is a transmission or distribution line fault along the Okuk Highway, it affects the supply to Wabag.

However, this standby generator will quickly restore supply in such situations and continue to supply power to Wabag customers.