PNG Nurses Association

PNGNA Threatens Strike

This is due to the non-adherence and commitment from the government of the nurses industrial award 2021-2023.

A 14-day notice was issued on 25 October to the office of the Secretary for Personnel Management, Taies Sansan.  

PNGNA still awaits a response.

PNGNA President Frederick Kebai confirmed that there is still no response from the Department of Personnel Management.

Nurses’ awards must be implemented: Secretary

The industrial agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement, is for the determination of 2021 – 2023 Salaries & Allowances for nursing officers throughout the country.

Department of Personnel Management Secretary, Taies Sansan, said it is essential that nurses awards 2021-2023 is honoured and implemented immediately by employer agencies.

Over 500 nurses to attend symposium next week

Preparations are well underway and nurses from both urban and rural hospitals and health facilities will travel into Lae for the week-long event.

The symposium is partly hosted by the PNG Nurses Association (PNGNA) with the theme “Nurses: A force for change, improving and strengthening health system’s resilience through public, private partnership.”

PNGNA acting vice president Fredrick Kebai explained that the theme is in line with the Government’s free health care policy where the nurses are agents of change and implementers of policies.

Govt urged to pay outstanding super funds for employees

The State still owes public servants K62 million.

PNGNA vice - president Fredrick Kebai appeal to the Government to settle the outstanding monies owed.

He added that from the 8,000 plus nurses nationwide, 6,000 are employed  in public hospitals.

Nambawan Super board chairman Anthony Smare said with the current economy conditions of the country, the National Government can use other means to settle the debt.

He told contributing members in Port Moresby during its open awareness, that giving State assets to the super fine can be avenue. 

PNG Nurses Association delays stop work action

This follows a near positive outcome at a meeting today between PNGNA executives, Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase.

PNGNA threatened to stop its financial members of 5,000 nurses in turning up for work on Wednesday, Sept 14 if the National Government does not respond to their outstanding claims.

Their claims include the non-payment of their wages and other benefits.

A nurse’s industrial award was signed with the Government in December, 2015 regarding their wages and other benefits which was supposed to be effected in January.

PNG nurses plan nationwide strike

An official of the PNG Nurses Association told Loop PNG this morning that because the Government has not paid them, they will walk off their posts.

A nurses industrial award was signed with the Government in December last year regarding their wages and other benefits.

“It was supposed to be effected on January 2016,” Loop was told.

“This document is a legally-binding document. It’s a contract between the union and the government of the day.

NDA pleased with response to WHP Health Authority petition

The petition highlighted allegation of corruption and mismanagement at Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

NDA along with the PNG Nurses Association have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who effectively responded to their petition.

O’Neill made the decision and directed that Chairman of WHPHA, David Guinn to step aside and that a new Board be constituted and assembled, and a new chief executive officer appointed by this 'new' Board.