PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority

Police Arrest Visa Racket Suspect

The officer had escaped from his place of work after he was investigated for visa fraud after an audit was conducted on the Border Management System (BMS), discrepancies were identified and this triggered the investigation.

The suspect was on the run until he was identified by detectives from Gordons Minor Crimes and apprehended at Waigani this week.

New passport lodgment site

The new centre is located at the Gordon's Industrial Zone.

Over the years, the country has had only one place for lodgment and collection of passport for its citizens.

Given the value of passports similar are to that of having money and a sense of identity when one travels abroad, Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha said there must be integrity in the processing of a passport.

PNG Immigration announces expanded visa system

This is one of several challenges taken on by the public service, especially when PNG is now fully aware of the potential that technology can have in driving significant economic growth.

Since the APEC meet last year, all government agencies were challenged to engage with technology and pursue transformation of services.

The PNG immigration and Citizenship Authority has now extended visa facilitation to 20 new tourist markets, who are APEC member countries.

Paedophile refused entry into PNG

Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, reported the individual had been convicted of assault on a child in their country of origin and had sought to enter PNG last week.

Kantha said “Foreign criminals are not welcome in our country. This person sought to enter PNG as a tourist, but we can only speculate as to his real motivations. I would like to praise the work of ICA Borders, Enforcement and Compliance staff at Jackson's International Airport.

Tender process for immigration centre starts

PNG Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, released a public statement saying it is the preference of the Government that a PNG company or joint venture be appointed to operate ICA’s new border security capability.

He said the chosen provider will be responsible for services at the Bomana Immigration Centre, including security, facilities management, catering and cleaning.

The centre will be accommodating persons with no rights to remain in PNG.

​West Papuan residents to become PNG citizens

PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority will also embark on registering all the West Papuan refugees who have crossed over from Indonesia to seek refugees in Papua New Guinea.