PNG Fisheries

Maru: PNG fisheries has potential

The minister highlighted the need for the sector to be exposed to these players especially countries under the European Union.

Maru said PNG fisheries sector is one of the core sectors that performs well in exporting – however it has only been exporting to a few countries including the Philippines.

He reiterated that there is a large scale of production, which can be distributed to other global markets with the appropriate approach towards the sector.

​Fish, logs to be processed on shore: PM

Speaking during the Australia-Papua New Guinea Business Council Forum in Port Moresby today, O’Neill said it is the Government’s intention to have on-shore and downstream processing facilities for both the fisheries and logging sectors.

He said less than 25 percent of all fish caught in PNG waters were processed in PNG, meaning the country was losing out on around K350 million per annum.

PNG to be world leader in tuna processing: Minister

Fisheries Minister Mao Zeming revealed this at the launching of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) today in Madang.

Once fully developed PMIZ will house 10 tuna processing plants.

 "There will be a new policy next year where all fish caught in PNG waters must be processed on shore," Zeming said.

He added that currently fish taken overseas for processing denied Papua New Guineans employment.

 Currently the country loses revenue for tuna caught in the exclusive economy zone valued in the billions.