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HB Fire: Area of origin established, interviews continue

PNG Fire Service Chief, Bill Roo says that investigators have gone over the initial fire site and have a rough estimate of where the fire started.

He says that for now investigators are handing out interview sheets and carrying out site inspections in and around the fire sites.

Roo says that for now the residents will be interviewed to establish a timeline of events leading up to the fire and after.

He would not disclose the initial cause of fire stating only that this has yet to be established as investigations continue.

​Fire service warns landlords

This is the message from the PNG Fire Service, after a child tragically died in a fire at Badili on Sunday.

The Port Moresby residential building, which was once a shop, caught fire at around 2pm.

While the cause of the Badili fire is yet to be established, Acting Chief Fire Officer, Bill Roo, raised concerns about buildings that have had their class of occupancy changed to another without complying with proper processes prescribed in the Building Act (Regulations) chapter 301 or the PNG fire code.  

​Ignorance led to child’s death: Fire service

The Port Moresby residential building, which was once a shop, caught on fire on Sunday, 4th June, 2017, sometime after 2pm.

Acting Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Operations, Patrick Russell, was dismayed that despite PNG Fire Service’s continuous fire awareness campaign programs, there are people still continuing to be indifferent about fire safety.

VIDEO: Fire Service preps for APEC

The PNG Fire Service, despite not receiving much attention, is also as focused to prepare itself for this World's biggest global meeting to be held in PNG. 


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VIDEO: Boroko fires now a police matter

That's according to the PNG Fire Service.

The first fire that broke out on the 23rd of March at the Food Bar was an accident in the kitchen while fires at Papindo and Johnson's Pharmacy were ruled as an act of arson. 

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​Arsonists restarted Boroko fire: Report -

​Arsonists restarted Boroko fire: Report

The investigative report was released this morning at the Fire Service Headquarters in Port Moresby.

Acting Chief Fire Officer, Bill Roo, together with investigating officer, Inspector Passingan Token, released the report revealing that the fires involving Papindo and Johnson’s Pharmacy buildings happened at about the same time.

However, they were unrelated to the Gutpla kaibar that went up in flames the previous afternoon (March 23).

Fire Service officers investigating Boroko fire

Boroko Fire Station Commander, Superintendent Leo Ovia confirmed with Loop PNG that an investigating team has already been set up and are looking into the root cause of how the fire started.

Ovia said the fire service is confident that last week’s fire which had started on Thursday was completely extinguished before they withdrew from the fire scene.

He said the investigating team will be looking into all possible details that might be related to the cause of last week’s fire.

Waigani family home up in flames

Julie Alo, from Enga Province, would have lost a family member as well, if it weren’t for quick-thinking neighbours.

Alo and her two children were standing outside the house, feeding a duck, when her three-year-old alerted her to the flames. This was between 7.35 and 7.40am.

She ran back to the burning home to check up on her family members, noted that they had all escaped, then backed her car out into the street.

Police operations for FIFA U20 World Cup on target

Discussions have been held with the respective stake holders and a joint committee has been created.

The committee is made up of the members of the force with Royal PNG Constabulary as the lead agency for the public security and plan as well as the national Maritime and Safety Authority, National Security Advisory Council and PNG Fire Service.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi say that residents in Port Moresby should take heed of warnings from police as roadblocks will be conducted on at random times and places in the city leading up to the World Cup next month.

Chief fire officer retires after 30 years of service

The Government has now appointed deputy chief fire officer, Bill Roo, as the acting chief fire officer. 

Roo, from the Enga Province, has been with the Fire Service also for more than 30 years and brings with him vast experience in the various areas of emergency management.

Silas thanked the government for its support during his tenure of office. 

He however, has called on the government to do more to improve the Fire Service so that it can deliver effectively on its mandated functions.