PNG Delegation

Delegation meets with data intelligence firm

The PNG delegation met the company on day two of its fact-finding mission.

SocialCops informed the PNG delegation that 90 percent of the world's data was created in the last two years.

They said an abundance of data already exists on PNG and is accessible both online and offline from international and local sources.

These primary data can be sourced from census, ministry reports and new monitoring mechanisms and can be used to track the progress of the Government's goals such as Vision 2050, Alotau Accord II and the Sustainable Development Goals.

PNG Hut attracts more at 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam

PNG is really going traditional and is among a handful of Pacific nations whose traditional culture is pure and traditional.

As far as PNG’s performances at the festival venues is concerned the PNG’s participants, about 56 delegates arrived last Wednesday in Guam.

The trip to Guam via Hong Kong, Manila then to Guam was long and tiring but PNG delegates endured it because they were determined to let the whole Pacific region know that PNG has something unique to give to the rest of the Pacific.