PNG Dataco Ltd

ICCC authorises Telikom, DataCo merger

ICCC Commissioner Paulus Ain made the announcement during a media conference yesterday.

The application was jointly lodged on the 05th of April 2017, by Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited and Telikom.

KCHL also applied for clearance together with the authorization application, but subsequently withdrew it. As a result the review of this authorization application did not proceed until the 30th of January 2018, when KCHL formally advised the ICCC to recommence the assessment of its authorization application.

Court halts transfer of Telikom assets

The PNG Communication Workers Union succeeded in taking a restraining order on Monday from the Waigani National Court, against Telikom CEO Michael Donnelly, Telikom’s Board of Directors chairman Mahesh Patel and Telikom PNG Ltd.

The restraining order puts on halt the transfer of Telikom PNG Ltd’s assets to PNG Dataco Ltd, or any other companies with a view to liquidate, dissolve or make Telikom redundant in the performance of its functions under the Telecommunication Act 2000, until further orders of the court.