PNG Boxing

Island Boxing Promotion Set

President Henry Miria said this would create a platform where aspiring boxers can compete at the highest level and make a meaningful impact locally and internationally.

Miria said: "We believe in the power of boxing to unite communities, instill discipline, and transform lives. Our goal is to create a platform where aspiring boxers can hone their skills, compete at the highest level, and ultimately, make a meaningful impact on the global stage."

Boxers Withdraw from King of the Ring Challenge

PNG Boxing National Team head coach, Mark Keto in providing an update on his boxers confirmed that John Ume and Jamie Pang will not participate in the Challenge that takes place in two weeks.

Ume and Pang are among four boxers initially selected for the Challenge, the other two are Allen Oaike and Sheila Yama who are prepared to take on the challenge. 

Keto said: "John Ume withdrew from the fight citing family commitment... Jamie Pang will not travel with us to because of job commitment.”

Kokoda challenge ends on high

The highly anticipated international Kokoda Boxing Challenge was an important fundraiser event for PNG Boxing Union which would greatly assist in its endeavours to provide our boxers much needed ring time as well as getting the team to Brisbane for more quality training before the Pacific games.

PNG Boxing Union President, Dr. Gideon Kendino while thanking the NSW Team for making the event a success, expressed gratitude and thanks to the corporate sponsors and partners for their generous support including Air Niugini and Lamana Gold Club for the providing the fight venue.

PNG Boxing Gearing up for Pacific Games

The event is expected to see national representative boxers squaring up to book a spot in the national team to represent Papua New Guinea at the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands in November. 

PNG Boxing national team coach, Mark Keto, said the team has been in training, having two sessions per day for five days. With enough training, they will fight each other in trial bouts for selections.

Raka set for second international bout

During his past two days in the Philippines after leaving the shores of PNG on Saturday, July 8th, Raka has involved in trainings with a Pilipino friend, Gabriel Elorde, in his gym; Saint Rita Elorde Boxing Gym.

Raka said he felt really good taking the training in Philippines. He said if he had stayed in Philippines for a week or two before his bout, it would have been great. It would have put him in the box seat to win the bout.

Raka seeks assistance ahead of Vietnam bout

He has been training in his local gym at Gordons, Port Moresby but has set his mind on advancing his fighting skills if he takes one step higher by training in the Philippines.

Philippines has one of the world’s best boxing training facilities and he would benefit.

Raka has being seeking sponsorship assistance so that he can move over to the Philippines in what he believes to be a very crucial move in the quest to win the fight.

Beni Fought For Freedom

He was the pride and inspiration of the 60s and 70s generations that were swept up by the push for independence by our political leaders.

Beni challenged the perception at that time that, to be white is right, mighty, invincible and unbeatable. The defeat of every boxer that late Beni took on from Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines and elsewhere, instilled pride in our people. Finally a black native was able to punch white men and knock them down in the boxing ring.

Decklam To Mentor Youngsters

He was winner of PNG Light Heavyweight Boxing championships held in Port Moresby recently. After the fight, he has decided to use his boxing experience, technics and skills to inspire and mentor youngsters who would like to take up the sport.

The East New Britain fighter started his amateur boxing at aged 15, under former boxing greats Bernard Fong and Ben Tami who nurtured and mentored him from his amateur days before turning pro when he moved to Port Moresby in mid 90s.

TVWan Action Secures Naming Rights

OFP Managing Director, Maryanne Millie has welcomed onboard broadcaster TVWan Action and is confident that the sports channel will deliver great boxing action to all PNG viewers.  

"It is great to have TVWan Action assist us broadcast the fights and bring it to the comfort of your homes of our devoted fans and supporters in Port Moresby, Central Province and around PNG,” said Millie.


Boxing Goes Next Level

Chairman of PNG Referee and Judges Joe Efi, and Chairman for Hiri Boxing Association John Ono, facilitated the training.

The eight were certified as amateur boxing referees and judges are Simon Kusunan, Kisojau Sapak, Pethro Ismael, Shelinah Rake, Anisa Wulau, Vois Benedict, Len Meli and Steven Torima.

Efi said the training now allows New Ireland to host its own tournaments and conduct matches, without having to fly in technical expertise from Port Moresby to preside over matches.