PNG artists

Artists speak at Policy launch

These cultural advocates have shown the world and their home country that culture is indeed the natty part of what makes Papua New Guinea great.

In representing the cultural community, inspiring artists of their own genre spoke briefly of their cultural journey and their deep appreciation for their art form and the recognition it is being accorded.

Musician, producer and songwriter, AK47 formally known as Allen Kedea, spoke at the launch of the National Cultural Policy on Friday, 10th June.

Nominees for first awards radio broadcast

In a significant first, and despite the cancellation of the usual event, an on-air radio show of the YUMI FM PNG Musik Awards 2020 will be held on 93 YUMI FM with winners’ announcements to be made on Saturday November 28th from 6-8pm.

In its 16th year, this is the only event that recognises the efforts of artists in the country.

The Awards announced nominations and categories.

The eight categories are:

1.            Best New Artist

2.            Artist of the Year

3.            Song of the Year

PNG-West Papuan artists in exclusive performance

Under the label Rebel Musik, founder Airileke will bring with him various artists, including members of Grrilla Step, Twin Tribe, Paluai Sook Sook, Drum Drum and Rize of the Morning Star onto the international platform.

This may not be the first appearance of PNG’s Airileke, but the performance promises to be mind-blowing, featuring new faces, bringing with it the true Papuan identity.

Kiwi music producer calls for support of PNG artists

Rory produces for New Zealand-based PNG hip hop artist Trigarow.

He visited PNG for the first time with Trigarow to perform at the Lamana Gold Club in December 3, 2016.

Rory’s message comes with the support Trigarow had by friends, family and fans.

“Support your local artists because most of the time they are pushing so hard to make a good name for their hometown and home country,” he told Loop PNG via email when sharing his PNG experience.

Expect new release from Kania Snr and son!

This is a new song Leonard Kania Snr and son Silas are working on at the moment, according to Kania Snr.

He reveals that the song, recorded under Pro-Head studio based in Port Moresby, should be released by January next year.

This father-son collaboration has both working on the lyrics.

Kania Snr admits that it brings a new style to his music, pushing the Tolai Rock legend into slow rock.

“I get advice from my sons (including the late Junior Leonard Kania) on the music trend and taste of the generation.

Local musicians encouraged to stay committed

Band manager and founder of West Papua group Black Brothers Band, Andy Ayamiseba urges PNG musicians to always commit to their music and learn to sacrifice their time.

Black Brothers is an eclectic band that was the most popular musical group in PNG during the 1980s.

The band is known for hit songs back in the 1980s including Apuse, Permata Hatiku, Hari Kiamat, Terjalin Kembali, kerongcong kenangan, Anita and Wan Pela Meri.