PMV operators

No tolerance for rogue officers: PPC Central

PPC Papoto was speaking in response to the recent police harassment allegations by PMV operators along the Hiritano Highway.

He explained that he will be looking at this case personally and make the appropriate charges once officers are identified.

Earlier this week, PMV operators raised the issue of illegal road checks and large fines charged by police in unmarked vehicles.

Hiritano PMV operators question police

Operators from the route 400 and 600 gathered at the main bus stop at Waigani to speak to media after continuous harassment by police personnel in unmarked vehicles along their routes.

Josephine Salmang, an operator from route 400 which runs from Kairuku to Port Moresby, spoke about how difficult it is to make ends meet each time police hold up her drivers and demand road fines from as much as K100 to K300. There are no receipts issued with the cops standing at odd locations during odd hours along the highway.

Slow resumption of PMV service in the capital

Only a few were seen back on the road by 5pm.

Many bus stops were crowded while others deserted after learning of strike action earlier today.

Police confirm a man from the Highlands was hit by a PMV bus this morning.

This prompted retaliation by some factions of unidentified people who attacked PMVs and taxis this morning.

Police have warned all parties to do the right thing and report the matter instead of taking the law into their own hands.

Passengers attack PMV operators over illegal fares

This caused the busses and taxis to go on strike around 8am disrupting the bus services.

The operators, mostly from Mt Hagen told PNG Loop that they will cease services until the culprits are dealt with by police.

Five police units turned up at roundabout and calmed tensions advising drivers to go to Gordon station and submit an official complaint.

Bus operator Stanley Mond said they are planning to convoy to Gordon then on wards to Unagi oval.

PNG Loop has received conflicting information where drivers claimed they were attacked without provocation.