PM's Media Unit

EHP gets K59m for projects

He has worked with leaders of Eastern Highlands to secure K59 million for various projects in the province.

While in Goroka, he made several announcements of infrastructure projects that the National Government has transferred.

Kainantu-Aiyura Road = K4 million

Mauga-Sindari Road = - K4 million

Goroka District roads = - K4 million

Goroka Town Road = - K10 million

Goroka Town water supply =- K3 million

Lufa-Okapa Road = K4 million

Daulo-Mando Road = K5 million

Okapa-Kimi Ring Road = K4 million

HB Fire: Media reports clarified

From a news release issued on Friday, 25th August the Prime Minister’s expressed interest in the process of restoring residents affected by the recent Hanuabada fires to their homes following reconstruction.

This however was misinterpreted in some news reporting.

The Office of the Prime Minister clarified this reports stating that resettlement planning relates only to resettling people back into their homes, on their land, once re-construction is complete.