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Fight against plastic pollution in Lae

The billboards feature winning drawings from a poster competition run during a World Environment Day event hosted by WGJV in June 2019.

Primary school students from Bowali, Amba, Butibam, Huonville, St Martin and Milfordhaven displayed their best drawings on the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and resulted in winning posters picked by a panel of judges.

The drawings were turned into billboards and placed around Lae City.

Governor supports plastic ban

He said apart from making the environment look untidy, plastic bags are just too harmful.

Parkop’s statement follows the international theme for the World Environment Week, “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

“We are developing a bad habit, bad culture and bad attitude,” said the Governor.

“We are making money more important than the natural environment.”
Parkop said 18 months have been given to plastic firms but after that, he urged Minister Pundari to ‘just ban it’. 

“No more excuses,” said the Governor.

Plastic bags will be banned: Minister

The ban will be re-introduced this year, outlawing all plastic bags, both degradable and non-degradable.

Minister Pundari announced this stating it is in the best interest of the environment, especially marine life.

The ban was initially announced in 2014 but was halted due to financial constraints and lack of management.

He noted that there are about 460,000 kilograms of plastic bags imported or manufactured every year and the amount of plastic bag waste in the country is shocking!

The animals that are being harmed by plastic bags

The Marine Conservation Society's (MCS) latest report found seven bags per 100 metres of coastline cleaned compared to 11 in 2015.

It's the lowest number in 10 years and is being put down to the introduction of the 5p charge on single-use plastic bags.

But the bad news is that plastic bags are still harming marine life. Many animals try to eat them, mistaking them for food.