planned protest

Federation not aware of protest

The Federation released a statement after the circulation of a stop-work notice on social media asking employees not to go to work on Thursday, March 30th, in protest of current economic issues.

“We inform you that we have not received any formal notice from the government agencies, including the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, the Department of Personnel Management or the Police Commissioner’s office on whether or not the protest was sanctioned or approved,” said EFPNG Executive Director, Florence Willie.

LABA Chairman urges villagers not to join protest

Kevau and other representatives of LABA Holdings, the umbrella company for all major impact villages, are strongly discouraging the protest which they say is for outstanding equity payments by the current PNG Government.

“We understand the villagers’ frustrations but we would like to encourage them to refrain from going on this planned protest.”

“We call on the instigators to understand the country’s economic problems which we are all facing the hardships at the moment and let's have patience and wait for the Government to deliver when the time is right,” he said.