Phylma Kelegai

Great introduction for World Supermodel PNG

This inaugural runway is the event to introduce pageant contestants for the two categories, teen and adult World Supermodel PNG.

Staged at the Lamana Hotel yesterday, the event was hailed a success by National Director Phylma Kelegai, as this year’s 13 contestants walked the runway, already considered as the longest runway in PNG and the Pacific.

“This is a great introduction. We put a lot of hard work into it but it was worth. The girls were very beautiful,” Phylma said.

The contestants are;

Spring Runway opens with World Supermodel PNG set to excite

The runway is a judging phase of World Supermodel PNG, which began early this month.

Spring runway will introduce 13 contestants into the pageant and choose the top 10 models to compete in the world supermodel PNG, local platform in 2017.

There are two categories, adult category will see 8 contestants, while the teen category will see five contestants.

This pageant is the first of its kind and World supermodel PNG national director Phylma Kelegai said preparations to it are going well.

Organisation aims to help young ladies

National Director, Philma Kelegai says the international platform which was introduced early this year aims to economically empower young women and give them exposure into the industry.

She said another platform built from this avenue was the agency that has already attracted at least 80 models to date, both male and female.

Kelegai said with much negativity in the society, she wanted to establish a safe place for young women, through this platform, an environment where they can feel free to express themselves.