Is trying to transcend pain a pointless activity?

And it seems like a popular one — if the proliferation of increasingly specific painkillers and the popularity of movements like effective altruism is anything to go by.

We don't need to be neuroscientists to understand why: pain hurts.

But as Clemson philosophy Professor Todd May suggests, perhaps we need to ask ourselves whether we would genuinely like to be rid of certain sorts of pain.

Cult Movement In Schools Linked to Lack Of Philosophy

This is the observation of the PNG TSCF Graduate Network Inc, the largest Christian professional network in PNG formed three years ago.

The network through its student arm in the secondary and primary levels called the Scripture Union has been financing programs to strengthen students’ spiritual foundations.

Chairman of the Port Moresby Chapter Benjamin Ketegu said the network is using especially its first goal which is art and entertainment, to influence this change in the young generation.