Petrus Thomas

Authority gives refugees POM transfer opportunity

In announcing the offer, Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, identified the offer to relocate as a positive and significant step towards ending regional processing.

“The Prime Minister was clear, he wants the RRA (Regional Resettlement Arrangement) processing in PNG to end and Australian service providers to cease – and that is what we are delivering. This is a positive move for these men, living in Port Moresby will enable them an opportunity to make their own personal decisions and move on with their lives.

18 refugees leave for US

“The 18 refugees have gone through an independent screening process carried out by the US Department of Homeland Security and were successful. We wish them well as they rebuild their lives in the United States,” said Minister Thomas.

The departure of this 18 refugees yesterday morning has brought to total 218 who have moved to the US since the first batch departed on September 2017.

Deportation orders signed for foreigners

A large, white warehouse containing cigarettes of unknown origin, including manufacturing equipment at the Kennedy Estate, was raided by the National Drug and Vice Squad last week.

Minister Thomas said today: “I have used my powers under the Migration Act based on national security concerns given the rampant and increasing incidences of the importation, production and sale of counterfeit products to deport the foreigners associated with the company Goldenborough Ltd.

Fourth batch of refugees fly to US

The fourth batch left Port Moresby for the US on Tuesday morning, says Immigration and Border Security Minister Petrus Thomas.

The departure of the 18 refugees brings the total to 102 refugees so far being resettled in the United States.

The first three batch of 84 refugees who have already resettled in the United States.

“I am happy for this group of refugees to be moving on with their lives in the United States," said Minister Thomas.

23 unlawful non-citizens deported

The Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, said this was a result of the joint agency spot check operations conducted by PNG agencies in Port Moresby in October of last year. 

The last two foreigners that were apprehended and charged from the joint operation were removed last Monday after spending time in detention at Bomana Correctional Service.

Manus issue: Immigration Minister acknowledges court’s ruling

He said the court found that the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia agreed to close the Manus Regional Processing Centre on the 31st of October 2017, which is in compliance with the Supreme Court’s previous ruling in April 2016.

“The court stated that residents of the now decommissioned MRPC are required to vacate the MRPC and move into the new facilities provided which affords them the exercise of their constitutional rights.

PNG outlines issues for Aust to consider

The Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, says a number of issues need to be considered by Australia as the Manus Regional Processing Centre (MRPC) closes tomorrow (Oct 31).

“Whilst the governments of PNG and Australia have agreed to close the MRPC, there remains a number of important issues that need to be addressed in a revised Regional Resettlement Agreement (RRA) going forward in dealing with the residual cases that will continue to remain in Manus and other parts of PNG.”

South Fly health centre to be upgraded

The centre has been catering for referral for the province and providing vital primary health care services, including the management of tuberculosis and multi-drug resistant TB to inland non-treaty villages of the south fly district.

Work will commence shortly following the ground breaking ceremony, which was eventuated by PNG Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, and Australian High commissioner Bruce Davis, on October 12.

​Minister directs policy changes for immigration

The Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, recently made the announcement that a system will be put in place to improve revenue collection for the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority. 

Independents align with PNC

Komo-Margarima member-elect, Manasseh Makiba, and Koroba-Lake Kopiago member-elect, Petrus Thomas, both said today they will align with PNC but maintain their independent status.

Joined by returning MP for Tari-Pori, James Marape, both candidates highlighted the need for stability in government and continuous service delivery.

However, they mentioned they will commit to the coalition if the government commits to address issues in their respective electorates.