Petition dismissed

Kerowagi petition dismissed

It was dismissed because the allegations of Palma being insolvent or bankrupt was not made out in the petition.

Petitioner Francis Kikin Siune filed the petition on two grounds. The first was on errors and omission on the part of Electoral officials in accepting the nomination of Palma to stand for public office at the time he was declared bankrupt.

The second ground in the petition is that, after he was declared bankrupt by the National Court and elected as a member, he was not qualified to remain an MP.

Petition against Sungi dismissed

Kumbakor filed the petition on August 30, disputing Joe Sungi's re-election as Nuku MP.

Sungi was declared member elect on July 20th.

His lawyer filed a motion, objecting the petition saying it was incompetent because it was filed late.

The two issues brought to court in that motion was that two public holidays fell between that period of declaration and the date the petition was filed.

The public holidays were Remembrance and Repentance day respectively.