Peter Yama

Governor calls off protest

Yama said instead of protesting, the pressure group should discuss the issues of settlers, law and order and others with him in the Madang provincial headquarters.

“This is the way forward,” Yama stated.

“Issues relating to the people of Madang must always be discussed with the political head of the province.”

He said the timing is not right for such protests as opportunists can use the situation to cause problems.

Yama further reiterated that their concerns must be discussed amicably.

Madang market opens for business

Madang Town Mayor Joe Yama told this newsroom that the market is one of Madang’s economic corridor for local people who sell their produce every day.

He said the law and order situation is now under control and people have gone back to doing business.

The market was closed after the beheading of a teacher in Bau, which resulted in chaos and water disruptions to the province’s capital.

Madang PEC to be sworn in

Madang Governor Peter Yama said this is very important as there were no PEC meetings because of court cases in relation to election petitions.

He said now that he is being cleared by the court, he will be concentrating in delivering services to his people.

“PEC members play a very important role in the province as they take part in important decision making during the PEC meetings.”

He added that normalcy has been restored in Madang.

Yama discourages removal of settlers

He said not all settlers are involved in creating law and order problems in the province.

Yama made the statement following the decapitation of a teacher from Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province, on April 3, which caused a series of confrontations, including protests against squatters and opportunists.

The Madang Governor is against making rushed decisions that will affect the province in the future.

Millions of Kina spent only in POM: Governor

Yama made these remarks in Parliament during the grievances debate on Friday.

Governor Yama said millions of Kina are spent only in Port Moresby.

He said many roads built in the city are not economically viable and not many people are using them.

He added that the Government must at all times serve the interest of the people and not personal affiliations with contractors in the city. 

Yama pointed out a good example was the Taurama road which cost about K200 million, and the Gerehu-Nine-Mile backroad which cost more than K300 million.

Don’t deviate from the issue: Yama

Yama raise this point after Parkop made comments about Madang province being thrown to the ‘dogs’.

In a heated explanation from NCD Governor Powes Parkop explaining the tender process and awarding of the contract, he went ahead and mentioned that the once beautiful Madang Province is no longer safe for people to visit.

He said Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, must have interest in solving law and order issues in Madang and not in NCD.

However, his comments triggered Governor Yama to seek a point of order telling Parkop to not deviate from the real issue.

Madang public servants warned

Yama made this call after a rousing welcome was given to him back home after the Supreme Court reinstated him as the Governor for Madang.

Governor Yama said he had no problem with public servants but warned them to be cautious in every work they do.

He called on them to put him under the microscope and expose the works he had done illegally in the province.

Rousing welcome for Yama

Madang residents gathered at the Madang airport as Yama touched down at 5pm in an Air Niugini F100 aircraft.

As a sign of respect, he was carried straight from the plane to his waiting vehicle.

Vehicles then convoyed with Governor Yama to the provincial headquarters to another waiting crowd as he went ahead and addressed his people.

This follows his recent reinstatement by the Supreme Court as Governor after the National Court ordered a recount.

Court reinstates Yama

A unanimous decision was handed down by Justice Allan David, Justice Derrek Hartshorn and Justice Ere Kariko after lunch today.

The full court stayed the National Court’s order for recount that was made on March 1.

The Judicial recount is now stayed, pending the Supreme Court’s review.

Yama has been reinstated as Governor, also pending that Supreme Court review of March 1 by the National Court, which set aside his election when it upheld Jerry Singirok’s petition.

Recount for Madang Regional ordered

The recount order was issued after the court found that James Yali, who was a parolee when he nominated to contest the election, was not eligible.

The court dismissed Yali's petition that was challenging Peter Yama's election today.

Yali’s conviction and sentence would have finished on 18 December 2017. His inclusion in the election affected the results.

He finished second while Retired Defense Force Commander Major-General Jerry Singirok finished third.

The court however upheld Jerry Singirok’s petition and set aside Yama's election, ordering a recount.