Perou N’Dranou

Better coordination needed between police, CS

Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou’s statement follows the re-arrest of CS convict, Paul Pisa, at the Waigani courthouse last Thursday.

Police were not aware of the leave of absence granted to Pisa from the Correctional Service facility at Bomana.

This was until they arrested him and brought him back to Bomana only to find out from CS officers that he was granted a LOA.

N’Dranou said if prisoners of such are out on a leave of absence, police should be made informed as these persons are convicted prisoners and are a threat to the general public.

Relatives of murder victim demand compensation

The peace mediation went rowdy after relatives of the deceased women, said to have been murdered by a police officer, became disgruntled over compensation payments from the offender’s side of the family.

Initially an agreement was reached where the funeral costs would be met by the deceased’s family whilst the offender’s family was tasked to pay K300, 000 as compensation by December.

According to the deceased’s family, to this date, the offender’s family have not held up their end of the deal.

NCD Xmas ops a success

Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Perou N’Dranou says cooperation from residents as well as social groups, like neighbourhood watch groups created by youths from the suburbs, have been major contributors to the success of the second phase of the police festive operations.

In a briefing yesterday, the Commander stated that he is pleased with the outcome of the operations.

He said this is just another phase that has been completed and the police now await the New Year, which they believe will be very challenging.

Gordon eviction will be dealt with: N’Dranou

He was queried on the part of the police following the eviction of two families who were forcefully removed from their Gordon’s homes, which they claim to have occupied for more than 30 years.

It was alleged that fully armed police officers arrived in a convoy of vehicles and carried out the exercise.

The Commander stated in an interview yesterday evening that the incident had already occurred and it was beyond their control. However, they will deal with this issue after the New Year.

Fairly quiet so far: Police

Apart from minor motor vehicle accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, the National Capital District police boss hopes the trouble-free period is maintained.

NCD metropolitan superintendent commander, Perou N’Dranou, says Christmas is seen by many as a time for celebration and gatherings.

And while there is nothing wrong with this, he said there needs to be control.

He added that he is happy that all is going well and that this festive season has been very quiet with a more civilised approach by residents.

NCD police in talks for toll-free number

This is for NCD residents to call in to report occurring incidents, says Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou.

Mobile phone users can be able contact police in emergencies; an initiative the police boss would like to be up and running by the end of the year.

“Telikom and bmobile-vodafone have already stepped in to assist us with toll-free numbers.”

He said the telecommunication firms were the first to jump on board since they were the initiators.

“But this does not stop Digicel and they are welcome to come on board as well,” N’Dranou said.

NCD police set out to regain public trust

The NCD police are looking and working to regain public confidence in policing services in Port Moresby.

Recent meets with the NCD senior police officers saw the NCD Police Boss, Perou N’Dranou, stress on the implementing strategies to win back the trust and confidence of the general public.

This includes activities that will help improve the work of police and involve local communities to help police fight and reduce the crime rate in the city.

Major homicide investigations ongoing

However, major cases that are currently being looked at will not be discussed openly as yet.

This is because any information that is speculated or disclosed by homicide police will not be accepted in court in future as evidence.

According to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, it is safe to say that homicide is investigating the case but it requires time and effort.

“We need to be meticulous about the cases,” says the NCD police boss.

Outgoing commandant challenges recruits

This was the statement by the outgoing Bomana Police Training College Commandant, Perou N’Dranou, during the parade ceremony at Bomana on Tuesday.

He said the handover-takeover parade is not about the outgoing neither is it about the incoming training commandant. Rather, it is the system of the person who takes the protocol and practices in ensuring that the office of the training commandant remains transparent.

He challenged the new recruits that if they could conduct a smart parade like this then they can achieve bigger challenges; especially the young people.

​Firearm policy to be designed

Bomana Police Training Commandant, Perou N’Dranou, mentioned this during a firearm training session for a group of National Capital District police personnel this morning.

N’Dranou said this will make the program legal and mandated so that anyone who is in possession of firearms is required by law to undergo training.

He said the policy is in its early stages of development so for now, the training college is using only the procedures which are simple training instructions to develop trainings and programs for the police personnel.