Peoples National Congress Party

Stop misleading voters: Minister

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru told Loop PNG that candidates must campaign on their policies and not lies.    

 “I think we have to stand on policies, why are you standing, what will do, that somebody else won’t do,” the Yangoru Sausssia MP said.  

“That is what we must focus on, and not all the lies and propagandas like, PNC ‘salim kantri’ (sold the country), what do you mean by PNC salim kantri (sold the country)?  

PNC promises two new cancer hospitals

He announced the commitment on NBC Radio as part of a major health infrastructure policy.

O’Neill said work will begin on the two cancer hospitals in Lae and Port Moresby beginning 2018.

He said the two cancer hospitals will be accompanied by two new Tuberculosis (TB) specialists Wards in Daru (Western Province) and Kerema (Gulf), seven dialysis hospitals, and improvements to the seven major hospitals in the country.

He said currently plans are already afoot for the development of hospitals in Central and Hela Province.

O’Neill: Government confident with work done

In support of the Peoples National Congress Party candidate Michael Malabag in his nomination today, O’Neill said Papua New Guineans don’t judge them for the good work that they’ve done.

The PNC Party leader said there are too many lies out there and too many rumours that are being spread about PNG being mismanaged.

“If we are mismanaging the country, why are we still building roads, airports, hospitals, funding the districts, paying school fees and continuously funding the health system in the country?

Amaiu nominates to retain Moresby North East seat

Amaiu is contesting under the Peoples National Congress Party and was the 29th candidate to nominate for the Moresby North East seat.

Amaiu said after his nomination that he is confident to retain the seat and has performed in the last four years.

“Actions speak louder than words and we have very good contenders for the seat.

“I am very confident because I have worked very hard in the last four years to maintain the people’s confidence.

“I have given water to communities and empowered them through their associations.