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Everyday People PNG : Ellen Manase

Since we live near the Dregerhafen Secondary School, our income depends on the students and staff there.

When students are in school, I can earn K30 a day; no more than that.

When they are out on holidays, we look for other ways to put food on the table.

Our MP said to help us with SME funding so we are still waiting for him to fulfill his commitment.

For the time being, we do what we can.

Ellen Manase, Finschhafen, Morobe Province

Everyday People PNG : Jennifer Thomas

I am married with six children and I use the money to pay for my children’s clothes, school fees, rice and protein, and essentials that we need for our home.

Having lived in Omun Village in Western Highlands all my life, I spend my days gardening. I grow pineapples, pawpaw, banana, kaukau, cabbage, and many other local crops.

I sell my produce along the highway that runs between Western Highlands and Southern Highlands.

Sometimes I take my crops to Mt Hagen and sell at the main market.

2018 Budget must focus on people: Ling-Stuckey

Ling-Stucky who is a  member of the National Alliance Party said that the National Alliance Party during 2003-2012, had a proud record of high rates of growth in those parts of the economy that affect most people in PNG.

He said with limited statistics, the best measure of inclusive income growth is real non-resource GDP per capita growth rates.

“This is a true measure of economic incomes and welfare in PNG. This measure excludes the effects of the resource sector which benefits few directly, removes the effect of inflation, and allows for population growth.