People living with disabilities

International Disability Day commemorated


The actual day falls on Thursday 03rd of December, 2020.

The occasion was graced by the presence of People Living with Disabilities and their leaders together with the Secretary for the Department of Community Development and Religion, Anna Bais.

Implementing disability programs a challenge

Department of Community Development assistant secretary policy and planning, Jacob Manase, said the major hindrance is funding and also the lack of development services like health and education. 

Manase said implementing disability program at the provincial level is also quite a new thing and officers from the districts have emphasised that as well.

However, it is vital to start implementing the PNG National Policy on Disability at the district level, stated Manase.

Disability organisation needs support

The organisation is calling on MPs in the four districts of Kairuku Hiri, Goilala, Abau and Rigo including the Governor to promote and protect their rights and advocate for their needs.

Central Province DPO chairperson Mary Ikupu stressed on political members of the four districts to provide more funding to assist in their development and growth.

Ikupu was pleased to receive support from the provincial administration who has expressed a heartfelt sympathy and empathy towards their ignorance over the last 30 years.