Paul Unas

Strong warning issued to boat owners

The National Maritime Safety Authority CEO, Paul Unas, said this warning particularly goes to those in the Southern Region as current wind speeds of up to 80km per hour and waves of up to 4 metres are predicted over the next 7 days.

Unas issued the warning after receiving reports of several boating incidents over the weekend.

Unas said small boat owners and passengers must take extra precaution and may need to reconsider planning boat trips during this time.

“Safety is the responsibility of the boat owners, operators and passengers.”

Boat operators warned

He said operators of banana boats should take precaution and refrain from traveling in the open seas during times of strong winds.  

“My transport message is clear, let’s enjoy the festive season,” Mumu said.

Despite similar appeals being issued year in, year out, reports of missing boats continue in the maritime provinces.

The role of search and rescue under the transport sector falls under the National Maritime Safety Authority.

CEO of the National Maritime Safety Authority, Paul Unas, said one of its function is to coordinate maritime search and rescue.

Implementation of small craft act affected

So far, 10 of 15 maritime provinces have started implementing the act however, are yet to move onto a position of full implementation due to the setbacks.

Currently, the provinces have established small crafts boards with several actively engaged in the registration and enforcement of the Act.

In a statement, National Maritime Safety Authority, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Paul Unas, said the NMSA has been providing training, administrative support, office refurbishment, Information Technologies, safety equipment and community awareness activities, in 14 provinces.

Maritime Authority to use satellite tech to track vessels

Providing a more effective system for maritime safety, it aims at save lives at sea utilizing terrestrial and satellite technology and a ship board radio system.

This will improve communications between vessels and NMSA’s central search and rescue operations centre located here in Port Moresby.

This will help improve PNG’s compliance with International Maritime Organization standards and its new capabilities will make sure to enhance the safety of seafarers operating throughout PNG waters.