Paul Paraka

Judge Berrigan disqualified from Yafai's Trial

When the court came into session for the pre-trial review this morning, lawyer representing Yafai, Martin Kombri filed a motion asking Justice Berrigan to disqualify herself, citing her involvement in dealing with some evidence in Paraka’s trial which will also be used in Yafai’s trial.

Paraka’s leave application adjourned

Presided over by Justice David Cannings as single judge, Cannings has adjourned the matter giving sufficient time for the lawyer to prepare his documents after Paraka informed the court of an additional document that was presented to him over the weekend to support his leave application.

Representing himself in court, Paraka said the additional document which is required to support his leave application was filed yesterday morning therefore, he has asked the court to adjourn the matter to next week to prepare the documents before he makes submissions.

PNG police can investigate high profile cases

Manning made this comment at the launching of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Drug and Alcohol Policy in Port Moresby yesterday. 

He said the guilty verdict that has sent prominent lawyer Paul Paraka to prison, is an example of the capability that police have in investigating criminal offences.

 “This is far from the last case we are investigating and RPNGC is committed to ensure that we have a strong front when it comes to dealing with corruption,” he said.

Manning updates Paraka’s investigation

The update is following the recent decision by the National Court on the matter, and the ongoing investigations into other individuals involved in the corrupt dealings and efforts to recover misappropriated funds.

“The initial charges of alleged fraud against Mr Paraka were laid in 2013, which were dismissed by the National Court with the ruling citing an abuse of process by the State in failing to provide proof of an illegal transaction,” Mr Manning noted.

“Then again in 2018 similar charges were brought against Mr Paraka which were also dismissed.

Manning Promises Justice

Manning's update comes in the wake of the recent decision by the National Court and highlights the continued efforts to bring all individuals involved in the corruption scandal, to justice.

Paraka Cleared

The decision was handed down today by Magistrate Ernest Wilmot and brings to end a long legal tussle between Paraka and the state.

After seven years of a long drawn out legal battle, the Waigani District Court today dismissed all 22 criminal charges levelled against lawyer Paul Paraka.

The charges are in relation ‘purported legal bills’.

The 22 criminal charges include; 10 counts of Conspiracy to Defraud, six counts of Stealing by False Pretense, three counts of Misappropriation/Dishonestly Applying, and three counts of Money Laundering.

Paraka seeks to stop indictment presentation

On 10 December 2018, Paul Paraka was cleared by the Committal Court of 27 charges of conspiracy, stealing and money laundering. The charges were laid on 31 July 2014 following investigations by the abolished Investigation Task Force Sweep. Following its disbandment, the District Court saw the charges as an abuse of court process, dismissing the case.

Paraka delayed filing review

The court refused to grant leave due to the lengthy delay in Paraka seeking leave to review those decisions.

The Principal of Paul Paraka Lawyers, filed an Originating Summons on March 8, seeking leave to have 11 government decisions judicially reviewed.

They include decisions of the District Courts, Fraud Squad, the disbanded Investigation Task Force Sweep team, the Prime Minister and NEC, Attorney General, BSP and others made between August 2011 and February 2018.

Paraka seeks review of government decisions

Paraka briefly appeared in person before Justice Les Gavara-Nanu today, for the judicial review proceeding he recently filed.

The matter was adjourned to April 10.

He indicated withdrawing two other Judicial review proceedings he filed last year and asked for a special fixture date to be set so he can move his leave application.

He is seeking leave of the National Court to review 11 decisions of government authorities, including those of the District court that were made between 2012 and 2017.

Paraka hits back

He has now instituted legal action in the National Court to invalidate all the actions of the executive government and the Sweep Team.

In a packed media conference last Friday, Paraka said it took him five solid years to do his research after his downfall and he is confident that he is ready to take those responsible for his downfall down.

He is seeking court orders for the criminal charges and actions of the Sweep Team and Executive Government which are unconstitutional and invalid.