Patilio Gamato

International help sought for 2017 election

Some of the agencies that have pledged support include the Australian Electoral Commission (AES), the New Zealand Department of Foreign Affairs (NZDFAT), and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).

“We are getting support on technical issues and looking at gaps and recommending to us how we can improve on our gaps,” said Gamato.

The NZDFAT, for instance, are assisting the PNG Electoral Commission with the National Procurement and Logistics Plan.

The plan will assist the commission fit in the assistance of organizations and other donor agencies.

Ghost names out: Gamato

This follows a vigorous cleansing exercise.

Speaking to political party executives in a workshop on Thursday, Gamato said a roll cleansing of the entire country has been completed.

“The exercise began around November-December last year and we began cleansing the 2012 roll.”

“And surprisingly enough, we found a lot of discrepancies on the roll so we went through by cleansing the roll with the assistance of the Australian Electoral Commission,” said Gamato.