Pastors’ salary initiative applauded

The Babafi Trust Partnership Program was set up to identify and register all pastors and missionaries within the province, regardless of their denominations.

Babafi Trust coordinator and survey team leader, Ps Setefano Kepe, applauded the initiative, saying most church workers are based in rural areas and this would help in supporting their work and their families.

“I understand that many people have their perspective towards church doctrines and all that,” Ps Kepe said.

Gov’t Partners With Church

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) conducted a workshop at the church head office in Lae, Morobe province, last week where it trained pastors, mission education secretaries and head teachers on disciplinary procedures and processes. 

Six pastors and 11 mission education secretaries were empowered to investigate allegations of misconduct and breaches of the TSC rules and church codes by teachers.