Passengers afraid

Josephine Ine'e, an emotional mother from Inawi in Mekeo, told media that many of them who reside in Port Moresby are hesitant to make the trip home because they are afraid of the constant abuse by police who stop trucks and search their cargo along the roads.

The operators were on hand to express frustration about constant abuse received by the personnel who at times are in unmarked vehicles and half uniform or plain civilian clothes.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are everywhere

The movie stars are killing the game on their press tour for the film "Passengers."

Between Pratt cutting Lawrence out of photos and their joint interviews, it's literally been a laugh a minute with these two.

And now the co-stars are trying to out insult each other.

Pratt and Lawrence appeared on BBC 1 Radio where they indulged in a bit of "Playground Insults."

The goal was to offend the other person to the point of cracking them up.

"Why did they call it Joy?" Pratt said, getting off an early zinger.

Jennifer Lawrence is once again the highest paid actress

"The Hunger Games" star banked $46 million before taxes over 12 months, making her the highest-paid actress for the second year in a row.

Jennifer Lawrence goes bleach blonde for new movie 'Passengers'

Looks like the Oscar winner took a break from dancing atop Billy Joel's piano to squeeze in some time at the salon. Lawrence was spotted for the first time with freshly-dyed bleach blonde locks (!) pulled into a low bun while getting out of a car Tuesday on the set of her new movie, Sony's Passengers, being filmed in Atlanta.