Pascoe Kase

Gerehu General Hospital launched with new board

Present to officiate the launching and swearing of the board was Secretary for the Department of Health, Pascoe Kase and Minister for Health, Michael Malabag.

The hospital has been without a board for a while and after today’s declaration, the hospital is now a stand-alone institution.

The hospital will stand away from NCD Health Services meaning that it will have a board of governors, a management team under the CEO.

Kase says NCD Health Services will be a different entity.

Cervical cancer vaccination medically proven to be safe.

Kase made the appeal today (March 4, 2017) while brushing aside false social media alarms about bad effects of the vaccination.

Some people might have mild side effects when they get the vaccine such as pain, redness or swelling at the site of the injection…that usually pass quickly, according to the Health Secretary.

“More severe side effects such as anaphylactic (allergic) reaction are extremely rare. They normally only happen if you’re allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine,” he said.

Workshop set for Cervical Cancer Vaccination NCD pilot project

The project was launched on March 10, by the National Department of Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase in partnership with the National Department of Education and the Rotary Club of Boroko.

As a follow up to the launch, PNG Cancer Foundation will be hosting a workshop on the cervical cancer vaccination and the NCD Pilot Project at the end of this week on Friday, March 17, at the Health Services, Standard Branch.

Health department partners with stakeholders to fight cervical cancer

Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase and representatives from partners from the Department of Education and the Rotary Club witnessed the occasion.

Kase said cervical cancer, with an estimated 1, 500 deaths per year, is the most common cancer among women in PNG and is the only cancer that can be prevented through a vaccination.

“The cervical cancer vaccination, also called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination can protect women from developing most types of cervical cancer when given to girls before any sexual activity begins,” Kase said.

PNG can avoid many health mistakes: Kase

Secretary for National Department of Health, Pascoe Kase made the statement in his keynote address during the 52 Medical Symposium in Alotau yesterday.

The country can avoid many mistakes that were done by others, Kase said.

"One of the mistakes that is currently killing the budgets of developed countries is a total focus on curative medicine while negleting the power of preventive medicine and health promotion in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases," he said.

Doctors on strike could face disciplinary action

Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said that a medical officer who walks away from his post abandons his own responsibilities.

Kase said this act breaches his contract of employment and leaves him open to disciplinary action.

He explained that the role of the NDA is to protect the rights of medical officers and make sure their welfare is taken care of.

“The rights of medical officers are not in issue here as the clearly stated purpose of strike action is political.

Kase says Govt to buy medicine to distribute in PNG

This procurement process is seeing the availability of medicines in rural facilities nationwide.

Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase says the Government in supporting the health sector in strengthening the responsiveness and accountability of the medical supply system has re-established the Pharmaceutical Tenders Board and it is functions.

He says in addition to that, funding for medical supplies has steadily increased during the last three years and our challenge is to manage procurement and distribution effectively to avoid shortages.

Kase informs public not to panic over Yellow Fever outbreak

“There is no Yellow Fever in the country,” Kase said.

But Kase has warned travellers to be wary of contracting the disease while travelling to other countries as efforts are underway by the international community to control the outbreak and prevent further spread of the fever.

Yellow Fever is a viral illness spread by the Aedes mosquito, the same mosquito that can spread other diseases such as dengue and Zika, according to the Secretary.

Family planning key to addressing high mortality rate

Statistics from the National Health Department, revealed this week by Health Secretary Pascoe Kase, stated that our maternal mortality is 733 deaths per 100,000 live births.

PNG’s infant mortality is also too high at 45 per thousand live births. 

Kase said family planning reduces the risk of pregnancy-related death by 32 percent.

Kase said when women have access to family planning, infant mortality is reduced by approximately 30 percent.

“We also know that the education of women can reduce poverty and improve health and education outcomes for their families.