Partial buai ban

Partial buai ban to start at Boroko

This program aims to clean up, especially the public areas in Boroko specifically the bus-stops, Tabari place and the police station.

Kipit clarified that this does not include residential areas in Boroko, and does not apply to other areas in Port Moresby as yet.

"This is a model program were trying in Boroko. If it works, we will to it out through the city. We will tell you where to sell, where to buy," he said.

The outcome of this program is to get rid of illegal activities, rubbish, betelnut spit and vending.

Parkop calls for cooperation and common sense

His comments came in light of a recent incident that reportedly involved tear gas affecting children at a school near a police operation against buai vendors.

Governor Parkop said: “For starters, this is not a war on betelnut,” referring to a headline used by one of the dailies.

“It is meant to be a controlled exercise, starting in Boroko to keep our suburbs clean and healthy. We have not even started at Hohola, where the regrettable incident took place.”