Parliament Speaker

Pomat sworn in by GG

The ceremony was officiated by the Governor General Sir Bob Dadae at 3:15pm. Following the formalities, Mr Pomat was adjourned with the attire of the speaker and a toast to the Queen.  

Accompanying Mr. Pomat was Clerk of Parliament Kala Aufa, Finschaffen MP, Renbo Paita, Hela Governor Philip Undialu and Goroka MP, Aiye Tambua. 

Mr. Pomat immediately turned back for the Parliament House when his swearing-in ceremony was over, to coordinate the election of the Prime Minister of the new government.

All previous COIs will be tabled: Speaker

He said COIs have been collecting dust without implementing the recommendations; which is a waste of time and money.

Pomat was responding to questions by TVWan News on COIs, which was brought up by Madang Governor Peter Yama during the last parliament session.

Yama asked the question after the issue of COI into the controversial Manumanu land deal resurfaced in Parliament.

Pomat reiterated that all the previous COIs will be tabled as they are public information.

VIDEO: Speaker accused of being biased

The speaker was criticized in a point of order from Madang MP Bryan Kramer and East Sepik Governor Allan Bird. 


Freddy Mou with more 



Pomat sworn in

Pomat was received by Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae at the State House. He was accompanied by Chief of Protocol, Morea Veratau, Clerk of Parliament and Sergeant at Arms.

Also present was Gulf Regional Governor Chris Haiveta, and Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin.

Following the formalities, Pomat was adorned with the attire of the Speaker before a toast was held.

Pomat is currently returning to Parliament where a prime minister will be voted.

Parliament adjourned due to lack of quorum

The only parliamentarian in the Chamber present when the Speaker walked in was Lae MP, Loujaya Kouza.

"Due to lack of quorum today, Speaker Theo Zurenuoc suspends Parliament for one hour. Only MP Lae on the floor," Kouza posted on Facebook.



NCDC: No evidence of some facts in ‘buai’ case

Lawyers representing the National Capital District Commission, the Speaker of Parliament and the people of the Mekeo-Kuni LLG in the Kairuku-Hiri District returned to court today to make final submissions on the facts the full court should look into.

Justice Allan David who heard the submission in the trial which he conducted to settle those disputed facts reserved his findings today.

He said he will consult with the Chief Justice and see which way the case goes before it returns for directions hearing where a date can be fixed for the actual hearing of the reference.

Marat calls for more time to research Bills

Marat questioned if it is a conspiracy by the current government to use its numerical strength to pass Bills.

Directing his question to the Speaker in today's session of Parliament, Marat asked if the Speaker could support an amendment to the Standing Orders so there is ample time for Bills to be given for MPs before they are tabled in the chamber.

"We in this Chamber are privilege to represent our people who voted us," Marat said.

"We need proper opportunity to discuss legislations.

Newspaper article results in Speaker’s amicable decision

An ancillary order supports a previous order given by the court. In this case, the previous court order would be for Parliament to reconvene and have the motion of no-confidence introduced, debated and voted on.

As per the Standing Orders of Parliament proceedings, MPs should be given seven days to deliberate on a vote of no-confidence after it is introduced.

National Speaker Theo Zurenouc hands over body of late Agiru

Loop PNG’s political and Business Editor FREDDY MOU reports on events after his death at the PIH.  This is the final of the four-part series.

On May 13, 2016, National Parliament Speaker Theodore Zurenuoc handed the body of late governor to the provincial government.

The body was received by the Provincial administrator William Bando and the leaders.

Zurenuoc described the late governor as the prophetic son sent by God to deliver Hela Province.

He said the death of Agiru is a great loss to the people of Hela and the nation as a whole.