Papua New Guinea University of Technology

Treasurer visits UoT

During his visit, Minister Ling-Stuckey met with the University’s senior executive management team to discuss budgetary matters of the institution and do a budgetary presentation.

The university management also had the opportunity to discuss its five-year strategic plans and present a report on its infrastructural plans and budgetary requirements in alignment to the University’s vision and mission.

Minister Ling-Stuckey announced a funding commitment of K250,000 on behalf of the Marape-Basil Government at the end of the meeting.

Schram Repatriation update

However they have clarified that should he choose to remain in the country that decision is entirely up to him.

Dr Shram however will not be entitled to any further benefits from the University except his severance package.

The University in a statement says the their Administration has served Dr Schram details of his repatriation arrangements which includes airline tickets to the last place he was, when recruited by Unitech.