Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

Pacific Leaders stand up for fisheries sector

PM Peter O’Neill said this during the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting in Phonpei, the Federated States of Micronesia, from September 8-10.

“Leaders have called for greater action in dealing with Illegal Unregulated Unreported fishing and related activities that take place in our waters,” PM O’Neill said.

“Illegal fishing is stealing millions of dollars in fisheries revenue, is damaging marine ecosystems and is involved in other disgusting activities such as human trafficking.

O’Neill to maintain church partnerships

Speaking at the opening of the new Georita Memorial Church 2, in Maopa village, to thousands of people from around the Abau District of Central Province, the Prime Minister thanked the churches for their commitment.

“Churches are a very important part of our communities throughout the country,” PM O’Neill said on Friday.

“The churches hold our communities together and they fill in the role where governments have not been present.

“For many years after independence, the church was filling the gap that should have been filled by Government.

Polye challenge to PM: what is PNG stance on terrorism

Polye’s call comes in the wake of terrorist attacks at the weekend in Paris, France.

Despite security fears following the attack, Mr Polye said PNG had confidence in Paris hosting the international football tournament Euro 2016, citing France being one of the countries which has top security systems.

“We are part of the global community so name calling or alleging its association with each of them would demean our status at the diplomatic front,” said Mr Polye.