Papua New Guinea Customs

Collaborating for Evidence-Based Policies

William said that the challenge for their team, working in the board’s space and board’s office, is to fully understand and implement the intent of the MoA they have signed.

He believes that evidence-based policies are essential for the country to grow, and that collaboration and data-driven decision-making are critical components of achieving this goal.

Catch the bad guys, Panamex tells Customs

Panamex Pacific (PNG) general manager, Erich Illemann, said this when a 20-foot container of fake Waswas soap was intercepted by Lae police on the night of Thursday, March 16th.

It is believed the fake products were bound for Mt Hagen, in Western Highlands Province.

Panamex invited PNG Customs officers to be part of the operation on Friday morning. However, Customs advised Panamex that since the container had left the wharf, it is now out of their jurisdiction.

Firms frustrated with change in code

Chief executive officer of the Lae Biscuit Company, Ian Chow, said another barrier was added when Papua New Guinea Customs recently changed the coding of certain goods.

LBC was affected when the coding on shortening was changed and duty was added. On top of that, the charges were backdated to five years earlier, meaning companies have to pay the new rate for the previous financial years.

Crackdown on drug smuggling

The successful collaboration between the Papua New Guinea Royal Constabulary, Papua New Guinea Customs, and the Australian Federal Police in combating transnational crime was recognized on March 15, 2023.

The U.S. Government law enforcement agency, Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), presented them with the 2021 HSI Annual Award for Outstanding Investigative Accomplishments for Narcotics and Contraband Smuggling.