Papua LNG

Government confident in Papua LNG developer

That is the assurance by Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Nixon Philip Duban in meeting with the Managing Director for Total E&P PNG, Philippe Blanchard recently.

“We want to show our support to ensure the wells are drilled, completed and also look at the current licence their holding and as a Government because of the importance of the project we are committed to ensuring that their concerns are given every support so that they are ready to obtain a PDL at the right time,” Duban said.

Govt explains LNG stand on name and location

He said that the name was given by the government with the advice from the developer Total SA.

Duban said the Elk/Antelope LNG project was situated at the Papuan basin therefore was given the name 'Papua LNG'.

He was responding to Gulf Governor Havila Kavo on the name of the project.

Minister Duban said that the decision to establish the processing plant away from Gulf was reached  through scientific analysis..

He said that Gulf waters are also shallow and would have involved a lot of dredging.

PM confident with Papua LNG project

In a statement, O’Neill said the projects were playing a very important part in transforming Papua New Guinea’s economy.

“The Papua LNG project will create an additional 10,000 new jobs for Papua New Guineans.

“We see this as a major expression of confidence by France and its businesses in Papua New Guinea and its economy, and we look forward to developing these opportunities together,” he said.