Pangu Pati Leader

Basil clarifies his suspension

He said the decision made for his suspension is illegal as those executives have been sidelined.

In a media conference, Basil clarified that such announcement were made just to bring instability to the party.

He added that such infighting in the party was not a new issue as he had experienced such when taking the lead in the party.

He said the Courts have ordered for the executives namely Party President, Patrick Pundao, and General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, to meet with other executives on April 19 but they did not attend.

Basil in charge of communications, energy

This follows today’s realignment in ministerial portfolio allocations by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The changes in portfolios will strengthen the National Government’s focus on key growth sectors that will have a direct impact on business development and community advancement.

"Minister Basil will be responsible for the energy and communications sectors that are crucial for growing a modern economy,” the Prime Minister said in a statement.

Basil’s move strengthens Alliance: Pruaitch

Opposition Leader, Patrick Pruaitch in a statement said Basil’s decision surprised leaders within the Alliance although the public received early warning through media reports that a crossover was about to happen.

“A formal announcement was delayed allowing for negotiations on the ‘30 pieces of silver’ needed to entice 12 Pangu Pati members across to Government, rather than the initial nine or 10 MPs,” he said.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, currently has 73 MPs in the ruling coalition, giving him the ability to dominate Parliament and to bulldoze through any legislation.

Basil neither confirms or denies rumours

PNG Loop spoke to Basil today, who stated that if anything were official he would call a media conference like he usually does.

Basil’s tone was harsh when this Journalist called him to verify if rumours on social media were true.

“If anything we will call a media conference,” said Basil.


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Pangu leader on Momase tour

Basil expressed his concern over recent remarks made by Pangu Pati supporters during his provincial visit to East Sepik this week.

Basil said, the nationwide support for Pangu Pati is apparent. We are building and reinforcing our stand as a political party so that we can fulfill our ultimate objective of seeing a significant political change after the 2017 Parliamentary elections. In the process my team is building sustainable platforms for our values and ideas to embed amongst a growing and changing series of demographics in Papua New Guinea.