Pakistani soldiers

Kashmir: 2 Pakistani soldiers killed after clashes with India

The Indian army said it had conducted "surgical attacks" along the disputed border, known as the Line of Control, to foil a "terrorist attack," according to India's Director General of Military Operations.

Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh told reporters on Thursday the strikes had been based on "specific and credible information" that terrorists were planning to carry out strikes in Indian cities, including Jammu.

Train carrying Pakistani troops falls into canal, 12 dead

The military said the train derailed while crossing the Chanawan canal near the city of Gujranwalal. It said commandos, divers and other rescuers had retrieved 80 passengers, five of whom had been wounded.

Pakistani army spokesman, Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa, tweeted that 12 soldiers, including the unit's commander, were killed in the accident and that rescue efforts were ongoing.