Pacific tuna

FFA urges caution over new tuna data

The figures suggest the entire tuna stock is at a healthy level, including Bigeye which has long been been reported as severely overfished.

The agency's Wez Norris said the data is potentially great news for the sustainability of the fishery but countries need to be cautious about acting on it.

Mr Norris said the extremely positive report was the result of a fundamental change to the way tuna stocks in the region are being assessed and he says it was not yet clear what measures they'll need to take.

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Pacific nations to offer new tuna deal to US

Pacific nations have reached agreement to accept American terms to try and resurrect the tuna treaty which fell apart last month.

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Pacific nations to offer new tuna deal to US

At 3 days of meetings this week in Nadi the members of the Forum Fisheries Agency debated what to do about a U.S plea to buy fewer fishing days in their fishing zones.

The U.S's reneging had cost the Pacific more than 68 million US dollars.

The FFA member states this week put the focus on moving forward to try and conclude a deal with the US and mitigate the financial loss.

The FFA's director general James Movick said they have a deal they hope the US will still accept.

Pacific tuna fishery well placed for 2016

Transform Aqorau says the highlight of the meeting was coming away with agreement on target reference points which is a tuna management strategy that incorporates biological, ecological, social, and economic considerations.

But Dr Aqorau says the meeting was not without its disappointments and hit back at critics who say the PNA is making the Pacific fishery too expensive for some boats to operate in.

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PNG has 'best' law for petroleum industry

Papua New Guinea has one of the best laws governing the petroleum sector, says an industry expert.

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State of the Tuna Report, working smarter for our tuna

Strong decisions and new initiatives were announced over the past months by the two leading fisheries organisations in the Pacific; the Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) based in Honiara, Solomon Islands, and the very influential Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) which is headquartered in Majuro in the Marshall Islands.