Pacific Games

Marianville girls kick off sports carnival with Games Relay

Over 500 students circled around the sports oval in their house colours of blue, yellow, blue and green.

Each girl had the chance to touch the baton and cheered with delight as they did so.

Teacher Elsie Obara said the Relay is a historical event and it’s rewarding that the Relay coincides with their sports carnival.

She said they are proud to be part of the Relay and are looking forward to the Games in nine days time.

Before the baton visited Marianville, the students of Laloki ran the baton a half mile from their school to Nature Park.

​Haoda welcomes Games Baton to Central Province

Central is the 21st province the baton has visited and today marked 91 days of the baton’s 100 days journey throughout the country.

The baton is spending four days in the province before it is handed over to the National Capital District on June 29.

An official welcome ceremony was held at Laloki High School today as the baton was displayed for the people and the Central Provincial Government to see.

Haoda urged the people of Central to welcome the Relay team and happily get involved in the relay.

Vanuatu advance Team arrives for Games

It is headed by Chef de Mission Eileen Nangan, who said they are ready for the games and have prepared well to challenge the other Pacific Island countries.

“Like all other Pacific Island countries, we all want to go back not empty handed but with pride and happiness and Team Vanuatu will be one of the teams that will be aiming for medals during this game,” she said.

She said the advance  team are here to see for themselves the preparation and also get the feel of the atmosphere and the spirit of the games in the country. 

​Defence recruits to pass out tomorrow

 PNGDF Commander Gilbert Toropo says he is pleased so far with the training being carried out at the training barracks.

Toropo tells PNG Loop that the next batch will see females become  part of the enlistees while this batch sees  only male recruits in training.

Meantime, the parade tomorrow will begin at 10 am and see the training units pass out to go into their divisional training.

CS PNG to receive supplementary games orders

On hand to receive the orders will be about 250 or so personnel that will be gathered at the Correctional service college field to receive Waipo’s official orders.

The officers have under gone training to help in their deployment alongside their police and defence counter parts in the upcoming Pacific Games.

According to the CS public relations units all the training methods that the staff have gone through are in line with their standing orders and will also be to complement the needs of the lead agency, the police.

Distance runners on track for Pacific Games

he distance squad is undergoing a final week of training with coaches Peter Deane, Bernard Manau and Paul Komba at the National Sports Institute in Goroka.

The squad had their last competition before the Games with athletes looking super fit for the athletics competition which is to run from July 13-18.

Middle and long distance runner Kaminiel Matlaun recorded a 54 second first lap in the 800m and went on to record a Pacific leading time of 1min 53.1 seconds.

Team Fiji targets 80 gold medals

This was stated by Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee president Joe Rodan.

Team Fiji will be sending 453 athletes represented in 25 sports.

According to local journalist Anasilini Ratuva, the country is hoping to collect medals in rugby 7s, athletics, netball, soccer, weightlifting, powerlifting, swimming, volleyball, table tennis and Va'a.

Celebrate Pacific Games the Melanesian way: Scovell

He said the counter to this event is that the spirit and goodwill of the games associated with being the host city can do with a big dose of everyone feeling positive, embracing all the cultures and races that make up PNG.

Scovell told PNG Loop that the event is also a time for everyone to identify themselves as one people, one country and celebrate it together.  

He said governments can build and change our infrastructures but it is up to us collectively to change our attitudes and culture.  

Cook Islanders and Pacific MMI PNG Lewas aim to make mark in Pacific Games

Cook Islands coach Alister Stevic said the Cook Islanders though an amateur side have the potential to perform well during the week-long women’s cricket competition in the Pacific Games.

“You do your best as an amateur side. The girls continued training regularly since returning from Japan in 2014. The last 4 months has seen regular weekly dedication from the players including chalking up 3-4 early morning fitness sessions with the Team Manager Carlene Mapu and 3-4 evening training sessions with Coach Patiiamai Ataela,” Stevic said.

​Baton beats path through colourful Kairuku

Flying in from Tapini via helicopter this morning, the Baton continued from Bereina station being welcomed by hundreds of excited students and traditional dancers swaying in their grass skirts to the beat of their kundu drums.

There, CEO of Kairuku, Victor Tsinabi officially welcomed the team.

He said it was an honour for the people of Kairuku to be a part of history.

From there, the Baton was passed on to the runners to take it out of the station and onto the trans highway.