Pacific Aria

Tourists receive spectacular welcome in Madang

Makeshift handcraft markets were set up as early as 6am at the wharf entrance with beautiful displays of carvings, bilum, canvas paintings and hand-craft for sale。

Other craft markets were set up at the Christian Women’s Association and the Madang Resort Hotel Jetty area and the Kaving Haus。

Melanesian Tourist Services (MTS) was  the excursion agent for the port of call for the cruise ship。

The tour was organized by Swire Group, which saw the tourist kick-start their tour in Alotau.

The next ports will be Wewak and Rabaul.

Madang cleans up its act

This follows a circular from the town's care taker manager, Peter ToRot.

The response was overwhelming clean all easements of land adjoining the urban road in town。

And this is in preparation for a visit tomorrow (Sunday,21st February) of tourist cruise ship Pacific Aria

A youth group from DCA settlement walked around the town area collecting rubbish, while groups of inmates from the Beon Correctional Jail did cleaned up along the beach front from Tusbab Beach to Kalibobo and Madang Resort。

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Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

The mining township of Kiunga in the Western Province was brought to a standstill after rioting and looting broke out today.

Portion 152 LNG plant landowners threaten to shutdown project

Madang prepares for cruise ship Pacific Aria

Madang Town care-taker manager Peter ToRot in a circular yesterday advised all town residents,  business houses and institutions to maintain clean all the easements of land adjoining the urban road。

“Ensure the easements or land urban road in the frontage and surrounding of your premises are kept clean and free from general refuse and discarded materials, plastic bags, tall vegetation, betelnut spittle and skin and so on,”

“We seek your cooperation for a cleaner and beautiful Madang town,”  ToRot stated.